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Panicky about the swine flue?


Remember to forward this to a friend. Want to receive ‘Health Matters’ in future? Subscribe here! Where did this originate, except from knowing that it comes from Mexico? Swine flu is a disease in pigs and the origin of the disease is not yet known fully. Pigs get this influenza regularly. Humans can only get…

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Testimonies Micro-sweep Detox

<![CDATA[ Testimonies 2013: Testimony on Inner Fruits Detox (Sept 2013) Ek is nou klaar met my eerste 3 dae Detox op sappe en voel wonderlik en kan alreeds ‘n verskil in my liggaam ervaar en het al deurbrake met ‘n baie groot struggle in my geesteslewe begin ondervind.  So ek is hiper opgewonde oor die…

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Voice of the One – Throw out the wheat

Spiritual message of this week “Throw out the Wheat – Acts 27:38″ You have done all you an. Finances are not as it should be, regarding your business. Perhaps God is speaking to you as well, today, from Acts 27:13-44. I heard the Voice of My One, when I asked Him about our healing business.…

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Voice of the One – Keep Faith, New Pasture

The Voice of the One – “Keep Faith – Find new Pasture!” I heard the Voice of the One saying two days ago, “Keep Faith!” Faith is the believing in things you have not seen yet. “Do not try to understand – just believe.” This morning I heard Him saying, “Keep My Word – and…

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