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Archive for September 2009

I present you as a chaste virgin

abide in me isabel 350 pix

I present you as a chaste virgin I opened my Bible (2 Cor 11) with the words “I am jealous for you – with a godly jealousy. I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ”. I was wondering how my Father could draw a silver…

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Testimonies Mineral-wise, Nutrivive shake etc

Paul Meinking Winner of road cycling and time trial Merushka Matthee Winner of womens cycling: 3 times gold medalist SA track 2008. Mineral-wise, Nutrivive shake 3000, Neurest, VItamin C SA – 2nd position in his age group. Western Provence – 1st position in his age group. I recover best when I use Nutrivive shake Rice…

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lo – spring time is here – no more winter feet (All on Minerals)

“Health Matters” – Your health is important to us! Winter toes, hands and feet. Winter is past and ‘Lo – spring time is here –The voice of the turtle dove is heard (Songs 2:11-12)” but an interesting question was asked by Dr Dawie van Velden in “Vra vir Dawie” – ‘Huisgenoot’ magazine of 24 Sept.…

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30 Day Detox Plan

30 Day Detox Diet Inner Fruits Detox plan deal with microscopic invaders (Candida yeast/mould type, parasites – small and large worms, viruses and bacteria) in the small and large intestine. It is thus vital to understand you cannot do our detox plan without taking Micro-sweep and AB-lactics as well. 1. Micro-sweep against yeasts/moulds/candida  and parasites.…

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When last did you fast?

When last did you fast – for physical and spiritual breakthroughs?                           Since ancient and Biblical times people fasted for breakthroughs.  Moses fasted, Daniel fasted, Esther fasted, Jesus fasted, and in America the “Day of Humiliation” was proclaimed in 1863 after a period of fasting. In South Africa the well – known business man…

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Voice of the One – Mother of Seed

Voice of the One – “Mother of Seed.” I head the voice of my Lord saying this morning, “Have I not given you the promise. Have I not spoken to you years ago? Have I not confirmed My Word to Sarah in Genesis, “You mother of the Nations”! Keep faith, and be patient. If the…

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The Hardworking Farmer must be first to parttake of the crops.

  The Hardworking Farmer must be first to Parttake of the Crops. When I read this word now, it jumped up from the Bible right into my heart. 2 Tim 2:6 reads that, “The hardworking farmer must be first to parttake of the crops.” Maybe you went through a difficult time in your business. Maybe…

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