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Spiritual significance of Pomegranates

  2014 (5774)  at last my pomegranates are in bloom and the fruit will soon be in the barn (Habakuk 2 and 3).   Click here for Pomegranates in Physical healing, lovely skin care range made with pomegranate oil, soaps, essential oil, glas vial for oil to wear around your neck….   Pomegranate anointing oil…

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Prepare now for winter colds, bronchitis and hayfever

Prepare for winter colds, flu, bronchitis, immune problems, nasal discharge and spring fever (hay fever).   Sore throat must not be neglected! Attend on this first day – and the germs will be stopped before they enter the bronchial area!   Annie struggled with chronic sore throat, chronic bowel pain, constipation and diarrhoea, bloatedness, white…

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