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Archive for September 2012

Aluminium toxicity and obesity in children

BPA is  a hormone-disrupting, disease-causing poison BPA (bisphenol) causes obesity in children A  new  study  shows  “Natural News”  facts by Jonathan Benson, staff writer. Are the chemicals commonly found in thermal receipt paper, aluminum cans, and plastic containers causing your children to become overweight or obese? New research published in theJournal of the American Medical…

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Voice of the One – Are you in expectation?

eerste granaat in ons tuin crop 250 pix

 Voice of the One – message of the season Are you in expectation for new produce this season? Renounce double portion and ask for unmeasurable portion of His Spirit. Winter has passed. It is springtime, lo the voice of the turtledove is heard. As I was spending time on my back in the prayer garden,…

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Is Ritalin's days counted?

Son died from usage of Ritalin Dear friends,  When I got the news that one of my son’s 18 year old friends who was also prescribed Ritalin, is lying in a coma in hospital after a heart attack. I decided to place this information on a circular. Although this mail is not intended to start…

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Testimony Detox en Forty Days on Raw Food – Lizelle

TESTIMONY ON DETOXIFICATION –      the correct way I visited Inner Fruits twice in the past few years. I did the detoxification programme every 6 months. After my second evaluation, following the principals in the book “Forty Days on Raw Food” and also a weekend retreat my weight was down from 103 kg to 78…

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Testimony of miracle healing – Marianna

Testimony of a Miracle Working God! My vriendin Marianna Oosthuizen vir wie ek jou boek “Anointing of the Royal priest and Bride” met die 8 Tabernakel salwings olies geleen het, het ‘n wonderwerk beleef ‘n paar weke gelede. Sy het nog net die boek gelees en iewers op ‘n plek vasgesteek wat haar opnuut bewus…

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