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vegetarian or not

Vegetarian Diet Lowers Blood Pressure A recent meta-analysis2, 3 suggests that a vegetarian diet may be part of the solution. Lead author Yoko Yokoyama told Reuters Health:4 “For many people, the only treatment has been medication, but that means costs and possible side effects. However, in order to make healthful food choices, people need…

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Invitation to Passover Seder and Prophetic event.

Invitation to Passover Seder and Prophetic event April 14th (14th Nissan) 2014/5774 PASSOVER SEDER in collaboration with PASTOR KUM PUI INTERCESSORS FROM SINGAPORE AND LAPIDIM PROPHETIC DANCERS. WHERE:Logos Christian Church, Hebron Rd, Bellville East. WHEN: Monday, 14 April, 2014 at 6,45 for 7pm. STYLE: Seated at tables. Bring a bring-and-share finger supper. (a little extra…

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Ministry morning for Esther and Benjamin

Bridal Morning: Esther and the Firstfruits Bride Book now for coming Saturday! March 8th Esther and Benjamin morning of spoil  9h00 to 12h30 Cost:R20 plus Anointing oils & Esther skin care range products (used during the ministry) to buy afterwards … Bring your own large ground cushion! Esther had 12 months of Beauty Treatments before…

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