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Nine tips to not get a heart or brain attack


Nine tips to prevent heart and brain attack Two fats in our diet, and mislaid minerals causing blood clotting, cholesterol, heart & brain attacks Trans fats, Prostaglandins, Minerals and sudden death   Many a family goes through the sadness when beloveds are taken away in their late fifties and early sixties; when mum or dad…

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Beat disease with beets

Beat winter colds and flu with this super food (beets) My Feast Day Quinoa and Beetroot salad with fresh cherries. Beet juice with celery, carrot, apple and beets   Beet is called a power food; Many Health properties that raw beetroot have for us! lowers cholesterol lowers blood pressure reduces risk of heart disease and cancer highest…

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Detox before winter helps against the flu & hayfever in spring

lactics bacteria foto

May 2014   Read more on the True (anti  microbial detox in this book – a winner reciipy against chronic ailments. I can personally witness that since 1996 this recipe has brought victory to 99% of people visiting the Inner Fruits healing centre. Doctors and pharmacists – you should google and see confirmation of the…

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