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Archive for February 2016

Garden walks

pomegranate love Invitation to Garden walk or Anointing morning Tabernacle garden & Mount of Spices  In 2010 the Lord kept Suret aside for a 12 month period, while she had to collect all the fragrance, incense, aroma, oil and anointing scriptures from the Bible. As with Esther she had her 12 months of beaty treatments, and…

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Testimony on Olive – Immune

Testimony of healing from sore throat, body ache, flu   Once again I am astounded that healing from sore throat and the coming flu can be so quick. I started with the throat, body ache, temperature, no energy the morning.   I filled a 250ml juice bottle (pure 100%) with  18 (1000mg) spoons of Vitamin…

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Are you smelly?

fresh lemon picture

There is natural help against those smells Lemon as a natural deodorant and lemon perfume now available from us Liquorice root (Glycyrrhizin) in  healing and against odours Fennel – oils, food – more on fennel against disease! Time to detox again – the intestines can harbour smelly microbes which contribute to smelly breath   Lemon –…

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