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Archive for March 2016

Government oil for the Esthers and Benjamins

IMG 1248

In the month of Adar (March every year) Esther fasted for favour with her King.      Government (Esther-Benjamin) anointing oil  is about moving into our governmental position, through consecration, perhaps a fast as well, and know that God is preparing us for the palace.   The year 2016 stands for many things, when we…

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In the Tabernacle garden – a Journey of Fragrances

a fragrance journey

In the Tabernacle Garden we walk from the Altar, to the Laver, then into the Holy place (Showbread, Lampstand and Incense altar), and then through a Torn Veil into the Holy of Holies.   This is done with Word, anointing oils, laughter, tears, and the Lord God uproots (as in Jeremiah 1), destroy, deliver, and…

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Testimony on usage of Micro-sweep and Detox diet.

Walk of the Bride Truths about healing boek

My testimony on using the Micro-sweep detox supplement and diet.   A friend referred me to get an appointment at Inner Fruits.   At that stage I felt very much bloated, and suffered with pain and cramps in my legs, especially in my ankles. I started on the supplement Micro-sweep and did the diet of…

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Besides Love & Food, Bugs & Essential oils can also nourish us

What nourishes us? Probiotics & Food Smelling sense in healing: Essential oils of Vanilla and Onycha. Probiotics and Food nourish us Certainly a lovely meal with beloved ones, is nourishing not only to our bodies, but also to the soul. Yet so many people today are not aware that unhealthy eating and living may be…

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