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Archive for January 2017

Pray in the Tabernacle garden-31st January 2017

We would like to pray for you … and for your eyes and doors to be opened – 2017.   The early bird catches the worm and the Word… Coming Tuesday morning 31 January 2017 TIme: 5h45 – gates will be opened from 5h30 to 5h45 (please do not ring the gate or door bell…

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Word for 2017 (5777)

living waters 30ml 2

Word for 2017 (5777)   We are, since 2010 (5770) in a ten-year portal of time; The decade of Ayin (Hebrew letter which means – to see).   God desires in this year of 2017 (5777) to continue restore normal prophetic vision back to the church to prepare us for what is to come. We…

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A Morning of Fragrances

Fragrance in Healing of the physical, emotions & spirit Ever Wondered why we not only Anoint the people but also Smell the Anointing oils and Organic perfumes?   Join us for a Morning of Fragrances & more topics… Thursday March 2nd 2017 Inner Fruits-Suret Morkel and team   We will you give some interesting teachings…

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Still tired after the holiday?

Still tired after the holiday?   Methylcobalamine may be the nutrient you need most-the Methylated form of B12 is what can be absorbed properly. Symptoms you may show? Iron and energy: vitamin B12 helps regulate folic acid (found in spinach and in our supplement Neurest) and helps to form red blood cells – for iron…

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Yes you are right – now is the time!

Yes you are right – it is the time now Yeasts, parasites and bugs grow from sugar and everybody had a little bit more of that during the past holiday?   The right time to detoxify the intestines and body from overgrowth is after holidays (twice per year). The Truth About Detoxification (book available) is…

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