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Archive for February 2017

Struggle with muscle aches & pains & immunity?

Struggle with muscle aches, pains, especially after sports and even during your recent flue episode?   This nutrient in Inner Fruits Vitamin C pH 7 powder drives pain-causing lactic acid back towards malic acid – with result no pain.   Sports people – very much needed. I once climbed up Table Mountain with literally no…

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2 March 2017 – Fragrance in Healing, Detox, Hormones and more

Fragrance in Healing of the physical, emotions & spirit Ever Wondered why we not only Anoint the people but also Smell the Anointing oils and Organic perfumes? Join us for a Morning of Fragrances in Healing of emotions, detox, hormones … & more topics… (ONLY PER RESERVATION OF YOUR SPACE!) Thursday March 2nd 2017 Inner…

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LoveSong 7 perfume at Special cost for 5 days

In Songs 7 we read about the Beloved   …and that a king is held captive by her tresses… I am my beloved’s and his desire is toward me. And then she calls upon her beloved to get up early to the vineyards and see if the vine is budded whether the grape blossoms are…

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My Detox Experience

To Inner Fruit personnel Jan 2017   My detox products and diet recommendation arrived last week. I started the next morning – almost unprepared. I am 100% on the gluten, milk and sugar free detox diet and take Micro-sweep and other supplements you sent to aid in my detox. Within  a short time I had…

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Do you struggle with Fire in your Belly?

Fire in your belly Did you know We have the genetic equivalent of nine human beings in our gut!                                                                        …

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