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Struggling with exam stress and concentration?

Struggling with exam- and other stress situations? Does your child struggle to concentrate? What happens during stress? Children, students, adults – there is a natural solution! Everybody needs a bit of stress to function. But just a little bit too much may cause debilitating symptoms, such as stress, feelings of not coping, depression, anxiety, inability…

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Day and Night Minerals – prevents those feelings of discomfort

Day minerals & Night minerals Mineral-Wise and Zoë-night Feeling tired all the time? Exercise and work-out quite a lot and yet no relief? Consuming too often-flavoured snacks/chips etc? The combination of minerals in Mineral-wise and ZoëNIght contain specific proton pump minerals . The role of the combination of minerals in Mineral-wise helps restore acid/pH as well. Ratio…

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Suret Morkel radio talk with late Monica Fairall – on Minerals

    Day and Night Minerals Factors affecting body pH, pain pathways and how I feel Notes on the Radio talk with late Monica Fairall 7/03/2007 Why is our bodies’ acidity or pH important? There is a saying we are what we eat and sleep, and this links directly to the following: “We are what goes…

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