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Archive for August 2018

Pomegranates – Week 5

Significance of Pomegranates in Physical Healing   Week 5:Pomegranate is about beauty, goodness & openness. request week 1-4 from us.  Drink Pomegranate Juice and eat Pomegranates, not only to “Eat and drink Prophetically” unto yourselves these lovely promises, but also for the (emotional), fruitfulness and maturity of our Lord. Receive the physical healing properties which…

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Thought you do not need to detox again?

Microbes in the intestines and blood “After struggling with the symptoms of Chronic fatigue Immune Disfunction – what a pleasure and miracle it was, to find healing and keep my health…an answer to the prayers of many a person seeking a solution without side effects…” Mr C.N. 2002   Thought you do not need to…

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