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Is acid breaking your bones?

Acid can sour up your life

Die Tygerburger, Wednesday, 24 January 2007 (Health Matters)

Is acid breaking your bones?

Acidity, osteoporosis and calcium: An increasing percentage of people get osteoporosis, a disorder where bones become porous, brittle, and subject to fracture. This is mostly due to the loss of calcium, phosphorus, and a lack of vitamin D (needed to drive calcium into bones – also formed in our bodies through sunshine).

Yet there are a few other factors to consider: A study done at four research centers proved low calcium intake (<400mg/day) not to be the cause of hip fractures. Dr Couens (“Conscious Living”) says, “Stop eating the flesh foods, in order to alkalinize the system and prevent hip fractures”. Blood pH should be between 7 and 7.4 and when dropping (acid), essential minerals and nutrients are leached out of the bones.

Colin Campbell (“The Protein Debate”) writes how eating animal proteins lead to metabolic acidosis (cellular acid build-up) and subsequent bone calcium loss. Thus, the culprit for acid build-up and low bone density is high intake of animal protein. Meat, including dairy products (milk, cheese), causes acid. For protection our body then draws the most alkaline and abundant substance, calcium, from bones to neutralize the acid.

Soft drinks and food containing sugar and wheat cause a pH drop, with coffee a drop as low as 2.8! Many people get a reaction from gluten-containing food, and subsequently a negative change in pH. Yeast and parasites flourish in the acidic environment due to cake, soft drinks and meat taken abundantly during holidays. This imbalance needs to be restored at least once per year.

Another negative contribution to osteoporosis (and also arthritis) happens when excess acidic substances in our blood are deposited into tissues and joints.

If you use a calcium supplement such as Mineral-wise which contains potassium – the facilitator of proper absorption. We also get lots of potassium and calcium in dark green and yellow vegetables and fruit.

The more leafy greens we eat, the less our chances are to break bones, and people sleep much better when eating healthily. Reduce or eliminate intake of animal protein, get a few weights and increase muscle strength. Now is the month to also do your biannual true detoxification with combinational herbs (Micro-sweep and AB-lactics).

Suret Morkel

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