Beat those Nasty Smells

The Tygerburger, Wednesday 19 October 2005

Volatile hydrogen sulfide compounds, smelling similar to feedlots and barnyards, are partly responsible for the offensive smells of a bad breath – fortunately in low levels not detectable by the human nose. Yeasts can coat our tongues, especially after a course of antibiotics, and not brushing our teeth regularly causes undigested protein deposits and plaque to supply food for odour causing bacteria in our mouth.

Many a bad smell may come from deep inside the gut. Undigested protein cause putrefaction bacteria to thrive in an oxygen-deprived environment, and their waste products are foul smelling! A blocked colon may even contribute to halitosis.

Bad smelling substances from tobacco smoke accumulate on teeth and soft tissues of the mouth and possibly the lungs as well. Moisture and saliva washes away waste products created by bacteria -so if you struggle with a dry mouth, sinusitis, post nasal drip, chronic upper respiratory infections or take antihistamines, antidepressants, diuretics, or blood pressure medication, that contribute to dry mouth, you may have a problem with breath odours!

We need to continuously correct the balance between a possible overgrowth of bad bacteria and our good soldiers in our mouth and intestines.

Teeth need to be flossed and the back of our tongues needs to be brushed daily. Check with your dentist for periodontal disease. Check with your natural health practitioner for natural options against chronic nasal infections, intestinal and digestive problems and consider taking an enzyme supplement if you have to eat animal products (protein).

Chlorophyll in plants has natural anti-bacterial and anti-smelly properties. Green juices from spinach (fresh from the garden), barley leaf powders and carrots are well known anti deodorising and health enhancing options. Drink plenty of water, and chew on parsley, mint, cloves or fennel seeds after a meal.

Doing a fresh juice fast can bring forth a lot of bad smelling detoxification symptoms, but on the fourth morning you will experience a new freshness in body, soul and spirit. After the fast continue having more fruit, vegetables (no onions and garlic) and salads, for these complement a healthy breath.

Suret Morkel

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