Can sugar, diet or ‘’zero’’ drinks and certain foods affect my child’s brain and body?


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Can sugar, diet or ‘’zero’’ drinks and certain foods affect my child’s brain and body?

I am horrified when I look at parent’s food trollies in supermarkets.
And more horrified when I look at their juice bottles.
This is besides the yellow / preservative / artificial colourant-rich chips / snacks…

My first child was a textbook case of what I ate during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with an allergy count of more than 1000 when it should have been 30. When I ate milky-rich deserts or food in the evening, my babies vomited the whole next day and became hyperactive. We are not cows and our kids are not calves…
The protein in cow’s milk are large and so difficult to break down, that food sensitivities / allergies develop…

This is where my health journey and the healing facility Inner Fruits/House of Sûreté all started – in 1982 ( for lovely health news at the end of the top ruler on our new website …click on Health Vision

How do I know my child needs a natural healing evaluation and support in doing a new “clean” diet?
Become knowledgeable. I am glad to say that after 20 years in full-time consulting moms and children, ’Mission accomplished’’- yet there are still too many signs to look out for and that too many moms / fathers do not yet get the link towards behaviour and the daily menu.

My child is just hyperactive?
One parent said, “It cannot be diet related – for why only 1 of my 4 children?”
We are all biologically individual and our ability for enzyme production, sugar regulation and handling of starch, sugar and toxins differ. There will be a difference in the same family from child to child!

Herewith some food products and signs to look out for:
1. Cow’s milk, sugar, gluten and type of snacks.
Toddlers & children (hopefully not babies…) there may be change in mood or behavioural changes, irritability, hyperactivity, cognitive delay, sleep problems, aggressiveness, ear and, or upper respiratory infections, colicky babies (when mom breast feeds… she needs to eliminate these foods/milk etc. from her diet).

2. Artificial colourants
Many countries already banned artificial colourants that are chemicals now linked to ADHD / slow brain activity / anxiety / depression / and aggression in children. But not South Africa – a 3rd world country! Read labels, don’t take products containing a number or names you cannot pronounce….and do not take drinks or any other food product with red, yellow, orange and green colours…. unless freshly produced in your extractor or liquidiser.

3. Preserved cool drinks, colourants and preservatives:
This list is longer than just mentioning nitrates and nitrites…, sodium benzoates, glutamate – MSG, and may cause naughty children / behavioural problems, headaches and more. In my post graduate year in Microbiology it was in our notes that benzoates may kickstart cancer – and this preservative is in too many children’s cool drinks and juices.

4. Food allergens; nuts, eggs, soy, corn and gluten. When a child has an intolerance or an allergy to a specific snack or food, it can cause significant health and/or behavioural issues and then the ‘’diagnosis’’ with ADHD.

a. Bread / gluten: It can be hidden in some types of bread! I take it from myself – how I respond to the store bread and the one I sometimes bake myself…

Is Diet sodas / zero drinks / cokes / cool drinks OK?

What happens 10 min after taking one of the diet sodas?
Phosphoric attach to our tooth enamel
Artificial sweeteners trigger the body to think it is just processed but read more here…,-health-problems.html

What happens 20 min after taking unnatural products?
Fat storage mode is switched on; the insulin trigger…
Interference with natural gut (Intestiflora) bacteria – immunity and digestion are affected!
High blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, cardio problems & more.

What happens 40 min after taking unnatural food / drinks / snacks?
Does your child also start the day with coffee or drink cool drinks containing caffeine? The combination of caffeine with aspartame (in so many drinks / sweeties…) create a short and addictive high – like the way cocaine works. Excitotoxins cause overstimulation in the brain neuroreceptors. The result is destruction of brain neurons by exciting glutamate receptors. Cravings due to release of certain neuro transmitters (dopamine and glutamate) result. And blood plasma levels raise as well! Phenotype Offers New Perception on Cocaine The Scientist Date: 21 Jan 2002

What happens 60 minutes after taking unnatural food products…?
Nutrients get depleted and the child becomes hungry and thirsty for more soda and more junk food. Most of us now know that there is 12 tsp of sugar in a can of coke – but what about the depletion of minerals when taking that? It also dehydrates us and does not re-hydrate us. This results in poor concentration, brain fog, hyperactivity, slow brain activity, fatigue, irritability and more.

And now knowing what non-man-made-substances do to us, would you still feed your child junk? Papa – do you fuel your car with the best fuel? Why not help Mom and have happy children?

Is there a Natural Option that helps with concentration, improving focus and better memory and reduce hyperactivity?

Yes, Neurest.
Neurest was compounded in 1997. For 20 years now, Neurest has been used successfully to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, improve and support concentration and focus ability, reduce learning problems and more. Read more on the two websites (for orders as well)
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