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InnerFruits Detox Testimonies

Testimonies on usage of enzymes

IF ZoeTrim 90caps

Testimony; in less than two weeks me S. and her spouse were raving about how their discomfort, gas and bloated ness was gone and they were feeling so much better! A doctor phone me many years ago – Thank you for helping my patient with her bowels and winds – Many a client commented in…

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Testimony about detoxification

Detox was not fun in the beginning; I came to Inner Fruits because of a digestion situation (even unexpected vomiting sometimes) I was put onto the Micro-sweep and flora detox plan together with the anti yeast detox. During the first four days I had a bad neck pain, headaches, and shoulders to my back felt…

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Testimony on usage of Micro-sweep and Detox diet.

Walk of the Bride Truths about healing boek

My testimony on using the Micro-sweep detox supplement and diet.   A friend referred me to get an appointment at Inner Fruits.   At that stage I felt very much bloated, and suffered with pain and cramps in my legs, especially in my ankles. I started on the supplement Micro-sweep and did the diet of…

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Testimony on detox plan at Inner Fruits 2015

pomegranate persimon and pumpkin seed salad

Testimony in detoxification plan.     I feel so good after my detox. I cannot remember when last did I have so much energy. I am so glad for the road that I take with the Inner Fruits health plan.   Sonnet van Dyk       Comment: Detox includes a natural programme to rid…

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Testimony Detox en Forty Days on Raw Food – Lizelle

TESTIMONY ON DETOXIFICATION –      the correct way I visited Inner Fruits twice in the past few years. I did the detoxification programme every 6 months. After my second evaluation, following the principals in the book “Forty Days on Raw Food” and also a weekend retreat my weight was down from 103 kg to 78…

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testimonies on Detox – Oct 2011

12 Okt 2011. Goeie dag tannie Suret Ek het nou vir ‘n maand die dieet en detoks produkte geneem, getrou gevolg en bevind die volgende: Voorheen was ek altyd honger en nou voel ek versadig na my maaltye. My maag swel BAIE minder op en pyn byna nooit nie (‘Celiac’). My vel is baie beter…

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