Do you struggle with Fire in your Belly?

Fire in your belly

Did you know We have the genetic equivalent of nine human beings in our gut!

                                                                                                                  They are the flora inside us and they code for 10 million unique genes between them.

                                                                                                                                Humans have only about 25,000 genes.

            Unfriendly flora my cause intestinal fire and lots of inflammatory disease, stress and pain;

Do you struggle with


autoimmune disease

colon problems


heart disease

mental illness

behavior disorder

Stomach pain

and chronic disease?



Were you told your problems are ‘mental’?

We have all heard by now about good flora/microbes coating our intestines and affect our health.


But do we realise they share their genes with us?

They outnumber our “human genes” and is called the microbiome.

They code for 10 million unique genes between them.

Humans have only about 25,000 genes.

They help our body to use nutrients

Help detoxify

uses chemicals

deals with food

breaks down polysaccharides

metabolizes hormones

down regulate cancer for be formed from procarcinogens

many more they do for us …………………….

They even act like genes and tell our bodies how to behave….

There is a Brain in the Gut – what Gershwin said decades ago is now scientifically proven!

Thought the spinal cord and peripheral nerves have many neurons? Our ‘gut brain’ has the same neurotransmitters and as many neurons as the rest of our neurosytem.

95% of the body’s serotonin is found in this gut “brain”- affecting moods, actions and performance. 

All diseases start in the intestines” (Hippocrates)

The primary seat of insanity is the region of the stomach and intestines. French

psychiatrist Phillipe Pinel (1745- 1826), known as the father of modern psychiatry.

“death begins in the colon”

Inflammation leads to aging and decay and like a fire: hot, it consuming tissues, and lays waste like a wildfire.

Almost all diseases of decay and aging are inflammatory:



heart attacks and


Alzheimer’s disease,

Parkinson’s disease,

etc. are all inflammatory processes.

Even deadly cancer has strongly inflammatory aspects.

What is going on in your gut is of vital concern to you.

The Nature of Inflammation

Inflammation happens when pathogens strike-it’s our main defense against bacteria, parasites, viruses and toxins.

Inflammation becomes chronic when diet, detoxification and supplementation is not met.

Inflammation then becomes a malignant process that can cause death-most of which centers around the digestive system.

We are metabolically individual – all do not respond on the same diet.

Silent Pathogens are in food intolerance, and infections sneaky pathogens lurk in the body via unwelcome microbes. They linger, undetected and unresolved. They are the causes of chronic inflammation – called Dysbiosis

We have trillions of good bacteria and other microbes in our bodies, supposed to be there; helping us with digestion, create vitamins for us…. and help keep out the bad microbes

We have the genetic equivalent of nine human beings in our gut!

what causes unfriendly microbiome to occur in our intestines?



Unhealthy foods


Cortisone treatment

Cancer treatments

and more

(read in the book Truths about Detoxification)

spoils our natural balance and allows bad microbes (yeast, candida, moulds, parasites/worms and tropical microbes) to thrive.

Abnormal Neurological Development

Autism – they have bowel disturbances and food inflammation.


Belly and brain disturbance go hand in hand.

Often this condition started within days of a measles jab with our kiddies.

Dr Andrew Wakefield reported that he had found the vaccination measles strain in the bowel of autism kids.


Auto-Immune Diseases

This disease has become epidemic. The body attacks and damages its own self cells and tissues. Our bodies get confused due to unhealthy habits and lifestyle.

How often do you eat





even corn

This is the no 1 cause of “fire in the belly”.


Poisonous Metals

heavy metals; mercury, arsenic and lead all cause “fire in the belly”.

Toxic metals inflame the intestinal lining, which then malfunctions and become “leaky”, meaning that they can’t stop re-absorbing the toxic heavy metals.

So, these toxins go back into the blood stream, circulate again and the liver (our main detox organ) must get rid of them all over again. It was designed to excrete them into bile and so out into the intestines, where they would be eliminated…now our liver needs help such as the Inner Fruits vitamin C powder (fortified with rutin hesperidin and malic acid. Many nowadays need this in drip form – also available from us)

  • Over 80% of our immune system resides in the gut.  Our Intestines is the area for inflammatory outbreaks-
    • the symptoms of inflammation are called “the missing the diagnosis”
  • genes and metabolic abilities of microbes inside and on our bodies, play a role in creating “fire in the belly”
  • eliminate “fire foods”.
  • rebuild a friendly colony of helpful bacteria, even after you damaged it with antibiotics and unwise eating habits.

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