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Eat right to beat cancer

Eat right to beat cancer – Health Matters

The Tygerburger, Wednesday June 13, 2007


Cancer (tumour) cells are normal cells that started to grow abnormally and out of control. One out of four deaths today comes from cancer. It kills more children between the ages of 3 and 14 than any other disease.


In each cell we all have 20 protoncogenes that can develop into cancer. Why are these genes turned on in some people? Researchers are investigating external triggers such as chemicals (fluoride, benzoates and nitrites), viruses, and radiation exposure, due to its ability to cause gene mutations.


Certain cancers respond favourably to chemotherapy and radiation. But most cancer drugs have limited usefulness, for the drug can effectively destroy only the part of the cancer cells undergoing division. Unfortunately normal cells are destroyed as well. Some cancer cells develop a resistance to the drugs and render them ineffective. “Destroying” a tumour, whilst facilitating whole body support (as a first concern) means the practitioners take into account the overall well-being of the patient.


Already in 1974 Dr Virginia Livingston’s research showed immune factors of ultimate importance against cancer. The following strengthen the immune system: Vitamin E and sterols (grape oil/ seeds), Olive extracts (leaf/ oil), (Morton Walker, 1977), and Beta carotene (freshly squeezed carrot juice, papayas), Vitamin C – intravenous (Thomas Levy – vitamin C and infectious diseases)– helps against nausea and forms peroxides in cancer cells that destroy them (no negative effect on normal cells).


Omega-3 oil was researched by a Dr. Budwig of Germany and a lot more nutrients are needed by our system, both as protection and to help fight the toxic effects of anti-cancer chemicals (eg. DHEA and bitter-almond substances-pips of certain fruit). Intestinal flora prevent convertion of pro-carcinogens in the colon into cancer. Eat sugar free, organic whole grains (spelt, millet, essene’s bread), fruit, fibre rich vegetables (cooked and raw), sulphur containing foods (garlic, cabbage, broccoli, tofu cheese), enzyme supplements and friendly flora. (


Include walking and exercise as a daily regimen, for this brings oxygen into a system where cancer grows in an oxygen-deprived environment. Henry Wright writes in “A more excellent way” that bitterness is a root of most cancers.


by Suret Morkel

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