Eleven Harmful Substances in your Skin Care-Disease might be lurking in your soap, washes and creams!

There is Beauty available for our outer skin layer

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Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Alcohol, Fragrance, Petrolatum,Tissue oils, Coal Tar, Artificial colourants, Triclosan, Oxybenzone & Phthalates

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  1. Disease might be lurking in your skincare products

There is Beauty available for our outer skin layer


Eleven Harmful Substances in our Skin Care range

Disease might be lurking in your skin care range!

Natural Alternatives by House of Sûreté


There are thousands of products that we are exposed to;

skin care, house hold, baby/doggie care), contain harmful skincare ingredients

Names we cannot pronounce/recognise? May be harmful.

Disease might be lurking in your skin care products!

1.   Parabens

In soap

– chemical preservatives-common in the beauty industry.

TRUE   a) Possible carcinogenicity

Very toxic

Mimics estrogen – breast cancer

Enhancing parabens remain in the blood when absorbed

Why do manufacturers still use them?

… cheapest – most effective preservative

– are declared safe


“-paraben”, “methyl-“, “ethyl-“.

 A Natural Alternative

House of Sûreté – essential oils acting in preserving:  clove, tea tree, thyme, cape may, cape snowbush, marula, baobab, argan, lemon verbena and more.

– anti-bacterial qualities

-healthier ingredient – – prolong the life of a product.

 2. Formaldehyde

-a known human carcinogen-one harmful skincare

ingredient you should definitely keep an eye out for.

-Often lurking in products under a different name.

-preservative in skincare and other cosmetics.

– Low level? Yet  still prove harmful to us in the long run.


TRUE  a) Skin irritation (scalp burns).

-irritates other parts of the body like the eyes and the nose.

  1. b) Causes cancer (proven a carcinogen)
  2. c) related to skin and pancreatic cancer-may cause leukaemia.


Why do manufacturers still use them?

preservative – prevents the growth of bacteria in the product.

not added directly to the skincare product.-released over time (formalin)


formaldehyde, formalin, bromopol, glyoxal

 A Natural Alternative

House of Sûreté -a preservative free product: Purple Hair shampoo by

3.Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS),-in shampoos, cleansers, bubble baths,

TRUE –Skin Irritant

cause dry and flaking skin, allergies and redness, dermatitis, dandruff.

remove natural oils from your skin -hazardous to people with sensitive skin.


Cancer link

links to cancer-create a carcinogen called nitrosamines (mixed with triethanolamine – in other skin care products).


Why do manufacturers still use them?

SLS acts as a surfactant- traps dirt in a rich lather -easy to rinse off.

gives a fresh and clean feeling (cleansers and soaps.


Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium lauryl sulfate,

Sodium dodecyl sulfate


A Natural Alternative – soapwort

House of Surete:    Purple Hair Shampoo

Scalp Treat shampoo / and oil

Doggie shampoo


“drying” alcohols.

 TRUE –a) Does not Improves skin health


Cause skin dry and flakey- eats away at the skin surface.

interruption of the skin renewal cycle-extremely unhealthy skin condition.


TRUE b) Does not Decrease in blemishes

-laim to prevent pimples?No – increases in blemishes -damage by the alcohol.


TRUE c) Does not do some Degreasing

Oily Skin? Alcohol makes it worse/dull/blemishy.

eventually – rendering the degreasing effect useless.


Why do manufacturers use them?

-ensure a smooth finish-alcohol as a solvent to mix different ingredients together.

-for drying fast (low evaporation point)

Positive – helps sin to absorb products better (creams and lotions).

“drying” Alcohols –Ethanol, SD alcohol, Methanol, Denatured alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol

 A Natural Alternative
“fatty” alcohols -derived from natural fats and oils.

-help moisturise and nourish skin! /-with sensitive skin.

House of Sûreté – Skin seal oil / LoveSeeker oil


-Artificial monoterpenes removed fragrance oils –


TRUE –“Natural” aromas are actually fragrance oils used

made from chemicals -petroleum/coal

-irritate the nose and the skin-allergic reactions -respiratory issues.

 Why do manufacturers use them?

– a lot cheaper

– smells good

-to cover up any unpleasant smells.

Fragrance, perfume, parfum, aroma.


A Natural Alternative

-natural aromas/oils/perfumes

House of Sûreté products

-oils/perfumes from flowers / bark/ leaves / etc.


6.Petrolatum (Petroleum Jelly)

-in lip balms and moisturizers – is definitely not as safe as it seems.

 TRUE –a) Not Safe for human usage

-might be approved -risks of contamination/not enough care when refining the product.

  1. b) not sufficient  moisturising properties
  2. c) creates a barrier -retains moisture- but prevents skin from absorbing external moisture-suffocating the skin -eventually drying out.


Why do manufacturers use them?

Petrolatum-based products -fast-acting, quick –(temporary results).

-illusion that the skin is soft and hydrated, (yet -skin is dried out -under thick barrier).

Mineral oil (is this perhaps in tissue oils?), Paraffin wax, Benzene, names that end with ‘-eth’

House of Surete: InnerLip – compounded per order (Coco oil & certain essential oils)


  1. Tissue oils & 7. Coal Tar (eczema)


 A Natural Alternative

– coconut oil

House of Sûreté:

Seal with Love – Skin Seal Pomegranate oil

LoveSeeker (baobap, Marula, Argan , Coconut oil and 4 essential oils…)

– coconut oil-anti-oxidant properties to reverse skin age!


 8. Artificial colourants:

Colours: shocking pink lipstick – not natural,

-made from coal tar- harmful .

TRUE- a) is  carcinogenic

  • b) Harmful to skin health

– cause irritation – inducing acne -allergic breakouts.


Why do manufacturers use them?

Coal tar -base for vibrant and brighter colours


FD&C or D&C, chemical colours ( BLUE 1, GREEN 3, etc.)

 A Natural Alternative

Dyes derived from plants –beet/spinach

Hydroquinone – lightening products,


TRUE –a) Does not Lightens skin


-b)reducing melanin in the skin?

hydroquinone destroys your skin through its forced and harsh alteration of the skin,  (skin problems/irritation/ more blemishes/pre-aging)

skin disease called “ochronosis” (patches of black / blue left on the


-possible carcinogen

– other toxic substances.


Why do manufacturers use it?

– does lighten the skin -removing melanin-illusion

– Hydroquinone or tocopheryl acetate

A Natural Alternative

-plant’s extracts. -bearberry extract (arbutin-similar lightening effect)!

House of Sûreté: Protect Cover me


9. Triclosan

soaps and detergents /skincare products


TRUE-a) Toxic to the body

-allergies -skin and eye irritation – hormone disruption- risk of contaminated (chloroform).

  1. b) Environmental hazard

– slow breakdown-toxic -to marine life;affect the ecosystem.


Why do manufacturers use it?

-strong anti-bacterial properties-shelf life /prevent the growth (mold /bacteria)

-in soaps (Protect soap – NO! Protect cream from House of Sûreté -yes!)

What to look out for – Triclosan (TSC), triclocarban (TCC)


A Natural Alternative

– honey – a great alternative to triclosan! (anti-bacterial properties)

Spotless Hands & Body wash/ -Spotless Hands & Feet wash

-House of Sûreté – soaps

– Babbalossie baby wash

– Doggie wash

– Floor & Dish wash

10. Oxybenzone

-sunblock,/ sunscreen,  harmful skincare ingredient


TRUE -aMild to little skin allergies

– applied frequently – skin allergies, redness and irritation.

  1. b) Hormone disruptor

-mimic estrogen,

-type of benzene


Why do manufacturers still use it?

-does provide coverage and protection from UV rays.

-easily absorbed into the skin.

Oxybenzone, “benzophenone-3”, “BP-3”


A Natural Alternative

House of Sûreté (only compounded per order).

Protect-Sun (Coconut oil and 6 essential oils that truly protects against sunburn


11. Phthalates

-a plasticiser-skincare products /cosmetics– soft and pliable.


TRUE -aHormone disrupters

-men and children-reproductive system.

  1. b) Linked to many health issues

-such as diabetes, ADHD and even cancer.


Why do manufacturers still use it?

– durable and not brittle. – to make cosmetics flexible and less easy to break.

Phthalate, DEP, DBP, DEHP, fragrance


A Natural Alternative

-no clear /concise alternative for the skincare ingredient;


House of Surete – Spoil the Bride Skin Care Range:


House of Sûreté add essential oils to bind/strengthen/give lovely aroma

Pure Therapeutic Oils!




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