Feast day Salmon recipe

On Feast days have a lovely salmon meal. This recipe was given to the LG Food competition – June 2011. See facebook “Healthy Chefs/ Tabernacle walk for healing” for more lovely recipes (mostly raw and vegan, except a few for feast days).

Recipe: Salmon and Cucumber dream

Main meal. Serves 4.
Time: 35 minutes to prepare.

Salmon: 4 x 100g pieces
Olive oil: 30 ml (spray and grill salmon for 15 minutes on 220 oC,
Turn and grill 5 min.)

Baby marrows: 320g = 80 g x 4 small (slice into rings)
Mushrooms: Denny 400g.
Sauté sliced baby marrows and mushrooms in 2 tablespoons of butter. Keep watery sizzle for white sauce.

White sauce:  made from Rice milk powder (2 tbs), water (1/2 cup). Use the watery sizzle of the mushrooms to make white sauce. Add maizena (half a tablespoon), rice milk powder dissolved in half a cup of water and thicken in a pan. Pour over the sautéed mushrooms/baby marrows and sizzle a bit longer – should be al detente. Add water if needed.
Top the grilled salmon with the mushroom/baby marrow sauce just before serving.

Vegetables:  Stir fry the following in 3 tablespoon of soya sauce and 2 tablespoons of butter.
Butter: 2 tablespoons
Soya sauce: preservative free, 45ml (3 tablespoons)-
Carrots: 2 large (225g) sliced into julienne strips
Spring onion sticks:   3 sticks of leek, longitudinal cut
Sweet potato:  4 cm by 4 cm piece, cut into julienne strips
Butternut: piece of 4 cm by 4 cm, cut into julienne strips
Red pepper:  1 whole, cut into julienne strips
Curry -medium: Add 1 tsp to the stir fry
Ginger: Add ½ tsp to the stir fry -ground fresh ginger or use ground ginger
Honey: Add 1 tsp to the stir fry
Basil and rocket: Add chopped leaves (5 of each kind)
Stir fry all ingredients. No standing time after this – serve immediately with the Salmon dish.

Basmati rice:
Celery, leek and carrot vegetable mix for cucumber wheels:
Celery: Chop ¼ stick into 3 mm pieces
Spring onion: 1 stick into 3 mm pieces
Carrot: ½ carrot into 3 mm pieces
Stir fry in 1 tbs of butter and 1 tbs of soya sauce for 8 min. This is the vegetable mix!

Avocado:  cut raw avocado into 1 cm pieces.

Basmati rice:  Boil half a cup for 3 minutes. Keep lid on, leave on the stove plate and stir regularly for another 5 minutes.
Add the vegetable mix to the rice, with avocado, mix and put into 8 cucumber wheels.
(See next part – 2 per person).

Cucumber rings: Can be prepared ahead of time.
Cucumber: 2 bought.
Toothpicks:  32 toothpicks (8 per person)
Slice 2 x 12 cm piece of cucumber into 1mm slices, longitudinal (8 per cucumber).
Bend into a circle, and stick together with 2 toothpicks.

Make 16 cucumber rings (4 per person-2 for rice mix and 2 for red cabbage salad).

Red cabbage salad: Can be prepared ahead of time.
If red cabbage is not available use white cabbage and add one small grated beetroot with spring roll (small snippets)
Red Cabbage: Grate a small (12×12 cm) piece of red cabbage- rough part of grater. Use 1 cup grated red cabbage with the rest mentioned below.
Dried Cranberries: Use half a cup of cranberries with 1 cup of grated red cabbage.
Pistachio nuts – deshelled:  Use 1 cup of pistachio nuts, mix with above salad ingredients. Keep some to top the cucumber / red cabbage wheels.
Pomegranate juice: 100% pure- 30 ml
Salad dressing: Woolworth’s salad dressing-Caesar.  50ml

Add to the red cabbage ingredients some salad sauce made with Woolworth’s salad sauce (100ml) and 30ml 100% pure pomegranate juice (www.innerfruits.com/products)

Put the Red cabbage salad inside 8 of the cucumber rings (2 per serving). Put the 2 cucumber wheels and one rice wheel with each serving of Salmon and vegetables. Some of the red cabbage may pour over. – Top again with pistachio nuts and cranberries.

Arrange the 4 wheels that it looks like sushi – 2 by 2, next to each other.
Add a drizzle of soya sauce around the Rice Wheels, and a drizzle of pomegranate juice around the Red cabbage wheels.
Suret Morkel.
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