Five Day Home Retreat Testimonies


Willie Rudolph:

My Five Day Home Retreat – March 2009


I did the 5-day retreat with Suret and Danie Morkel and a subsequent 40-day raw food fast:

It’s been a long time that God has been speaking to me about my desire to “get to the top” and the associated physical diseases that arise as a result. Last year I became very ill and contracted glandular fever. I was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic and I was taking 2 tablets for high blood pressure. I felt banged, battered and dented… I decided to go on a 1 week spiritual retreat with Suret Morkel, founder member of Inner Fruits. Today is day 43 of a 40 day raw food fast and I’ve decided to continue this life style, hence the 43rd day. For the record, on day 40, I had some medical tests done – just for interest – my blood pressure (previously high) is now 120/80, my cholesterol is 3.8; my glucose is 5 and my weight went down from 104 kg to 91 kg. I plan to take it down to 78kg and want to give all the glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for giving me insight, wisdom and strength to do this. I could not do it in my own strength and also cannot continue in my own strength as the temptations are plentiful! I believe that through this all, that walking in the Spirit is an act of the will and not some fuzzy spiritual or religious “feeling” that comes over you. Our salvation must not be abused; we need to look after our bodies as this is the key to healing in our spirit as well (my view). We have a soil (our body), we are the gardeners, (what we put into the soils), and we’ll have a harvest – good or bad. You can make the change by being obedient of the will, and by doing so, living in the spirit.

Praise God!!

Willie Rudolph






Day 2 – Juice Fasting for 5 days Day 23 -Added Raw Food from day 4

Within 4 months

26 kg gone



Five Day Home Retreat – Nov 2007


Dear Daniel and Suret

It is now almost 3 months, since I stayed with you for a 5- day retreat. I do not know how to begin and what to say, except “Wow”. The Lord used you to turn my life upside down. At last I arrived in Canaan.


God helped me to forgive my husband. The first day in the garden I saw Jesus standing right next to the altar. The next moment a little bird washed itself in the water right there in front of me. I felt that Jesus said to me, “This is to show you that you are cleansed.”


I felt how the Lord put a ‘plaster’ over my raw sores. God healed every single little part of me. Things happened that week in my spirit, and I have no idea what it all concerned. It was so wonderful to be in His presence there in the garden. I feel like jumping, singing and dancing each day. Things that, previously upset me, does not bother me any more. I have moved into another dimension. I also believe that I am healed from Lupus, although some symptoms are still visible. I got Isaiah 58:1-12, and I believe that as I am serving others, I will be fully healed.


I continue drinking lots of juices. My marriage, that was on the rocks, is restored, and my husband tells everybody that he received a complete new wife.


Thank you for being true instruments in God’s hand. Please do not stop doing this wonderful work for the Lord. Blessings, Anele.








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