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Pomegranates – Week 5

Significance of Pomegranates in Physical Healing   Week 5:Pomegranate is about beauty, goodness & openness. request week 1-4 from us.  Drink Pomegranate Juice and eat Pomegranates, not only to “Eat and drink Prophetically” unto yourselves these lovely promises, but also for the (emotional), fruitfulness and maturity of our Lord. Receive the physical healing properties which…

Seminar Introducing Dark Field Microscopy – for Live Blood Analysis

Good soil and good pH regulated water in our pools – make our gardens and our pools flourish. What makes my body flourish? Our body is like the soil in the garden and I am the gardener contracted by God! Do we realize that what we put in – we may harvest? Health or Disease? Choose Life. Deut. 12:23/Lev.…

Can sugar, diet or ‘’zero’’ drinks and certain foods affect my child’s brain and body?

Neurest Is a natural vitamin and amino acid supplement indicated to reduce hyperactivity, improve memory, concentration and focus whilst reducing the symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety. This unique and safe formula has been on the market for 20 years. Can sugar, diet or ‘’zero’’ drinks and certain foods affect my child’s brain and…

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Our Health Vision - Inner Fruits

Your health matters to us. Read more on vitamins, detox, candida, cancer, depression, diet, weight problems, pregnancy, and healing from chronic infections and disease the natural way.

My body is a garden – and I am the gardener contracted by God! Do you realize that what you plant you may harvest? So start planting today and enjoy!

Take your health trip with us ...

When did all this start?

After completing my post graduate studies in microbiology I began my own health venture in 1996. Research into natural healing started with my own walk . Our business, a private health practice, originally called Probiota specialised in detoxification and supplementation. Back then we already received much exposure around the work we did. I was blessed to get an article on our work in the local newspaper (left). Since then our name has changed to Inner Fruits and been very active in private health consultations, continuing our original work, as well as expanding our service offering.


A few of the lovely Inner Fruits services we offer you: 

Our supplement range that we developed is now available from Inner Vitality www.innervitality.store (nationwide) and from  sales@healthmartsa.co.za for Cape Town only.

(We still do the health evaluations and private consultations at our premises but no longer stock the supplements at the office.)

Start to cleanse and fertilize your body, soul and spirit with all natural detoxifying supplements and healthy vitamins and food.

Are you interested? Complete the health evaluation online.


Where to buy our products online: www.innervitality.store


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“After struggling for 3 years with severe ME (Chronic fatigue dysfunction syndrome), God touched me and showed me a way out of this very disabling disease. What a pleasure and miracle it was to meet this brilliant scientist who confirmed scientifically the natural approach to health I was committed to as the solution to my own struggle..."

Christo Nel (BA BTh M Div D Phil D Juris)