About Inner Fruits

Our bodies are the soil and we are the gardeners.

We will reap and harvest what we have planted.

How we irrigate and fertilize the soil impacts the Inner Fruits –

that which we are constituted from, and send out into the world.

Put junk into this living garden (food, our thoughts, people we meet with) -

and what will we reap? (by client Willie Rudolph)

Inner Fruits will help you on your road towards finding health

and keeping your health – the natural way.

Inner Fruits is a centre for natural healing options in the heart of many wine lands here in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Suret Morkel is the founder of Inner Fruits. She has worked since 1982 in the areas of diet, detoxification, fresh raw food and fresh juice fasting and natural supplementation as a less invasive, comfortable and viable approach towards diseased and health compromising conditions.

She started her career as a microbiologist in research. Having found solutions to her own and family members’ health conditions, she went into full time practice, and operates since 1998 as a registered medical scientist.

She found that, due to agricultural practices, artificial fertilizers and sprays to our food, following a balanced diet is not sufficient in finding health and keeping our health. Allergies/ intolerances, microbial imbalances (due to usage of antibiotics and various other reasons), enzyme deficiencies (due to eating mostly cooked food) and nutritional (vitamin/mineral) deficiencies, all form part of the problem which is explained in her first book, “Truths About Detoxification.”

Healing from "Yeast syndrome related diseases", Candida/parasitic related diseases that occur after antibiotic usage, age, pregnancies and various other reasons, may contribute to chronic and devastating infections, neurological stress (depression, tiredness, attention deficit syndrome) forms the base of her practice code. Suret’s post graduate studies in lactic acid bacteriology became an asset in helping people with ‘understanding’, whilst doing the health plan. Many clients embark on an initial “cleansing programme” for a first month “True Detox”, once they have been evaluated. Inner Fruits supplies a computerized analysis and questionnaires, to aid in the health analysis, and show which supplements (researched and developed from here) may be introduced for a time period (or indefinitely) and which routes to follow to help the body with its natural built-in healing process (diet, juice/raw food fasting, healing retreats).

The bigger vision which God revealed to Suret is the “Healing Retreats” vision – which opened since 2004. People have different options when they feel a need to break away from home, and book in at the health practice (Five Day Home Retreat), or Five Day or Weekend Retreats at different areas in the world. People can submit to a Juice or Raw Food or Daniel (vegan) Fasting plan, or just do the general True Detox from home during their cleansing period.

*Do not be misled by the word “Fasting” for this only means an elimination of certain foods from our diet for a period of time – there are no hunger pangs with our programme.

Health consultants courses are available per email/ correspondence.

Inner Fruits products are now available from InnerVitality.

Sowing seed into the underprivileged is our heart – and your contribution in buying a consultation, or product and a book brings healing to those who can not afford to buy in themselves.

Register today and become a partner in an amazing vision.