Sowing seed always brings growth and a harvest.

Option 1:

Your financial contribution towards this vision is greatly appreciated. Banking details below.

Option 2:

If you feel that you would like to bless a sick patient (cancer patients do benefit from our programme) - please do so. This helps us to fulfill the vision - healing of the nations, through natural ways.

Option 3:

Your donations into research and development of oral and intravenous products is greatly appreciated. If you feel a need to donate into our research, please talk to me personally.

Option 4:

If you would like to donate into areas where we like to sow our seeds - read here.

Option 5:

Thank you for buying one product per month! You are depositing into this vision!

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Be blessed in health, wealth and youth

Banking Details:

Inner Fruits

ABSA, Sanbel Branch

Branch no: 52 34 10

Account no: 405 304 6053

Donations to the homeless:

We need donations for food/clothes/blankets for those who scratch in our dustbins in our neighbourhood.

You are welcome to make donations to help us provide meals or gifts to people in need.