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Correspondence course

The correspondence course runs continuously. You may sign up at any time and receive 33% discount on Innervitality products after completing the course.

Correspondence Course fee: Contact us for price (includes 8 books – hard copies)

Client must book a personal/email health evaluation before final certificate is given ( for forms)

The following books are included in your 8-books course: Book are written by myself and the last one by myself and two natural healers from a township in South Africa:

  • Truths about Detoxification (choose between Book or Book II
  • Truths About Restoration
  • Truths About Neurosystem Health
  • Truths About Immunity
  • Daniel Fasting for Healing, Intimacy and Breakthrough-vegan recipes OR A New Look A New Feel – Forty Days on Fresh Juice and Raw foods (choose).
  • Natural Hormonal Replacement (HRT}
  • A-Z of diseases (herbal teas, herbs and supplementation)
  • Feed plan for lower income groups

The course entails the following:

  1. Detoxification,
  2. Restoration of pH, acidity and sugar regulation,
  3. Neurosystem (stress, concentration problems/ADHD, depression, Alzheimer, Down syndrome, etc),
  4. Immunity,
  5. Pheed plan – healthy eating for lower income groups, A-Z of diseases
  6. Natural Hormones – teenage to the elderly (natural HRT -hormonal replacement)
  7. Health and Spiritual fasting (raw food and vegan fasting), 8.  Inner Fruits health products and herbal teas

If you want to buy from the list of spiritual books you are welcome. The A-Z of diseases and booklets on herbal teas (Leaves as Medicine) are available, as a township initiative towards the healing centre of Daphlina and the late Esther.

(Chamomile, Sage, St John’s wort, Yarrow)

Five open – book tests done are given, in order to receive a certificate as an “Inner Fruits Health consultant”. Consultants receive 33.3% discount on our products when 6 or more are taken per invoice and can start a business.

Correspondence clientele will get a Health Consultants certificate after the 5 open-book tests have been emailed to us and we have processed them.


health consultant course books and teacher Suret
health consultant course books