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Health Evaluation

Dear Client

Your health is important to us. Since 1982 we have been operating in natural healing options (diet, detoxification (mostly Candida/yeast/parasite related problems and microbial imbalances) and healing via natural vitamin/herb/amino acid-based products and enzyme therapy.

Now an additional and very interesting facility called Dark Field Microscopy is done with the in-room clientele as well.  This brings living proof of our main modality – killing and sweeping our parasites/worms/yeasts by means of the product Micro-sweep, Flora and the Detox diet that changes the ‘terrain’ or environment which makes microbes flourish in our blood, organs and digestive system (the root of disease often).

Yes, the people come in as a patient and leave the premises as a client – as we see healing here. People are not made slaves to a healing modality – which is often the situation in main stream medicine. Yet we do work with the medical profession as a helpful aid as well.

Options for your health evaluation are:

  1. Email /telephonic health evaluation – form below R580
  2. Skype evaluation-after forms are processed R580
  3. Personal in-room facility – also via the form below and your visit here R580

Contact for details, EFT (Proof of Payments -POP), and also your follow-up evaluation as this is most important! Give yourself time so that your body can implement the self-healing capacity given by our Living God.

microscope 1

Your Details

Please note: Cost of the health evaluations - Telephonic or per Email or in room appointments with Suret Morkel is R580 (cancer patients R580), follow up consultations R580

Please click on the symptoms below applicable to your health situation lately

Please RECORD your eating habits during the course of one week


Total 1-7 each sample of food eaten in one week:
E.g. Every day a portion of yoghurt = 7 per week.


Record the number of units (teaspoon/tablets) used to sweeten food/beverages: E.g. 3 teaspoons per day 3x7=21 per week.


Record the number of units (cups, glasses, tots) taken per week: E.g. 3 glasses of water every day 3x7=21 per week.



Language of preference (for recommendation):

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