Clientele Testimonies

Testimonies on Open Days-2016

November 22, 2016

Testimonies on Open Day (11-12 Nov 2016) and ministry sessions   Jesus is busy with a few changes in my life and business. I also feel that I need to bring others closer to Father. That morning with the Open Day ministry you said that the glory of God is upon me there in the Holy of Holies. If felt to me like an open suction there with me – and I received something like a Tallit with Word embroidered on the sides…I received new strength. It was amazing. Elize     Thank you for precious Tabernacle anointing walk on…

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Testimony Adele G.

July 7, 2016

Dear Suret   Thank you so much for the wonderful  health plan and products. I lost so much weight and I look so good that people ask met daily how it happened. Thank you so much as this is going to be an integral part of my practice – I am very excited.  My family already did the detox with great success – and more family members are awaiting my new order. I just finished the Health Consultants course papers, and I look forward to the discount! Greetings Adèle ]]>

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Testimony by Mountain biker

June 19, 2016

TESTIMONY by I. Fraser: I am doing the Cape Epic Mountain Bike race. I am very happy with the treatment I received at Inner Fruits; the month detox, the maintenance supplement side and diet;   this boost me with energy and health; I am happy with the advice I received there and I am sold out on Suret’s methods and products. All I need to do is my part in the training. ]]>

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10. Testimony Garden walk & Sozo anointing oil (Oil for the Month)

April 27, 2016

From: Kingsgate Prayer Ministry  –Sent: 26 April 2016 12:28 PM –To: reception@innerfruits.comTestimony of garden walk My friend and I did a garden walk on 17 March this year, when we also received our signature oil (Sozo – Kingsgate) for the healing rooms we are involved in. God had led me on such an amazing journey to have a ministry oil mixed for the Kingsgate Prayer Ministry!  My husband and I started this ministry at Kingsgate Fellowship in Table View last year.  God had called us to minister inner healing and deliverance to the broken-hearted using, amongst other things, the powerful Sozo tools.  I…

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Nov 15 – testimony on the garden walk

November 26, 2015

Dear Suret I just needed to let you know – my visit at the Tabernacle garden was so amazing. Such a blessing! So many things happened there that morning and it changed my life! I need to come again! J.van Zyl . ]]>

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Testimony Oct 2015 – Detox and health plan at Inner Fruits

November 11, 2015

  Health Testimony by Me Liezel D.B.   For 4 months I was very sick and had to go to my pharmacist every week. Until I told him, with a very coarse voice, that I need another plan now.   He mentioned the name of Suret Morkel at Inner Fruits and I came for an evaluation. Within 3 days I was almost healed of 6 months’ of health problems: Sore throat, nasal drip, head aches gone almost immediately. I got energy and started to feel like a new person. I make a few smoothies per day with Nutrivive shake Rice…

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Health Testimony by Mia Carla and her first show Oct 15

September 29, 2015

  My Health Testimony   Mia Carla  Johns Sept 2015. I had done detoxes before…then always went back to my bad eating habits. Not until I had a consultation with Suret Morkel, a Microbiologist and Scientist, did my lifestyle start to change. I initially booked a session with her because my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome flared up after 2 years. At that stage I was on anti-inflammatory patches every 2nd night and slept with a hand splint, not to mention the nights I would wake up screaming in pain. Suret immediately put me on a detox combined with her Microsweep product…

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Health Consultants Course Testimony

June 26, 2015

  Inner Fruits Health Consultant course.   I did the health consultants course in my own time and really enjoyed it. This, together with the natural healing options, which I received already a year ago (with my first health evaluation) made me realise how important it is to eat more healthily. Food can really become our medicine. I also found that we need not become rigid in this eating and life style. I can be rather free also and I never need to weigh off my food. I can eat enough of the foods which are good for me. In…

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Testimonies 2012 clientele

November 29, 2012

A Few Testimonies by Clientele in 2012. Me H. S. I just want to comment – after two weeks on your detox and supplement plan; I feel fantastic! I almost cannot believe this! My diarrhoea is gone – the hernia problems I had is almost of the past and heartburn is gone! I am reducing my sleeping tablets whilst taking your supplements – Zoenight and something else… I sleep well! And I know I will eventually feel even better, as this is now only two weeks. There is such an improvement already I look forward to phase out my medicine…

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Testimonies on Daniel Fasting (vegan)

August 19, 2011

Need to do this Daniel (vegan) fast for 40 days? Read how the Lord moves close to our hearts during the fast. Testimony by Treza Good Day SuretThank you very much for this program.  I am beginning to feel like a new person.  I started the 40 day Daniel Fast.  I am on day 34, what an experience.  It is the time that I spend with my Heavenly Father that is most amazing.  It is what has been revealed to me during this time of fasting too. It has been a time of refreshing but also a time of repentance…

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