Truths about Detoxification

Thought you do not need to detox again?

August 11, 2018

Microbes in the intestines and blood “After struggling with the symptoms of Chronic fatigue Immune Disfunction – what a pleasure and miracle it was, to find healing and keep my health…an answer to the prayers of many a person seeking a solution without side effects…” Mr C.N. 2002   Thought you do not need to cleanse the intestines and body regularly? The more people I see for Dark Field Live Blood analysis, the more grateful I am for a phenomenal ‘tool’ in seeing proof of these little invaders (yeasts/moulds/parasites)– and the need for regular detox and cleansing. This road started…

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My Detox Experience

February 7, 2017

To Inner Fruit personnel Jan 2017   My detox products and diet recommendation arrived last week. I started the next morning – almost unprepared. I am 100% on the gluten, milk and sugar free detox diet and take Micro-sweep and other supplements you sent to aid in my detox. Within  a short time I had body aches, slight ithiness, flu-like symptoms and i felt quite emotional. Best of all it felt as if my senses are double the potency it was … my touch, my hearing, my smelling sense …  and a tiredness unknown during  my working hours. May this…

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Do you struggle with Fire in your Belly?

February 5, 2017

Fire in your belly Did you know We have the genetic equivalent of nine human beings in our gut!                                                                                                                   They are the flora inside us and they code for 10 million unique genes between them.                …

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Yes you are right – now is the time!

January 5, 2017

Yes you are right – it is the time now Yeasts, parasites and bugs grow from sugar and everybody had a little bit more of that during the past holiday?   The right time to detoxify the intestines and body from overgrowth is after holidays (twice per year). The Truth About Detoxification (book available) is killing and sweeping out the yeasts/parasites first of all and then replenish with flora.   When I did post graduate studies in lactic acid bacteriology (the flora which naturally coat our intestines after breast feeding as a baby) I learnt that taking a good flora…

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Glutathione injectable against drug abuse.

September 19, 2016

Glutathione Injectable 200mg/ml (10ml injectable vial) Give 1 ml 1-2 times per week in the Vitamin C IV (50ml – 500mg/ml) (This IV is given as a 50ml bottle into 200-700 ml Ringers drip – run in for 45 minutes). Or put into a push IV (1ml Glutathione into a carrier solution (Ringers or Saline- 4ml) into a 5 ml syringe), and via a 21g butterfly directly into the vein. Some people introduce glutathione intramuscular.

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Besides Love & Food, Bugs & Essential oils can also nourish us

March 13, 2016

What nourishes us? Probiotics & Food Smelling sense in healing: Essential oils of Vanilla and Onycha. Probiotics and Food nourish us Certainly a lovely meal with beloved ones, is nourishing not only to our bodies, but also to the soul. Yet so many people today are not aware that unhealthy eating and living may be the reason for chronic ailments/infections, nervous system problems, skin eruptions and more Food which truly nourishes us, will be foods which also nourish the probiotic bugs. Called prebiotics – many think taking prebiotics is sufficient but the good bacteria are dead after your first course…

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Are you smelly?

February 8, 2016

There is natural help against those smells Lemon as a natural deodorant and lemon perfume now available from us Liquorice root (Glycyrrhizin) in  healing and against odours Fennel – oils, food – more on fennel against disease! Time to detox again – the intestines can harbour smelly microbes which contribute to smelly breath   Lemon – as a natural deodorant   Never in my life I thought this would be possible. That a fruit can be a better deodorant than those bought at the stores. Bring your thumb and first finger together, and slice this size off the lemon and store…

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Fibre and Flora

October 30, 2015

Fibre and Flora In former years the wholewheat fibre-rich rusk and wholewheat bread was proposed to aid in healthy intestines, gut health and weight management! But  we now sing another song. Antibiotic overuse, sugar rich diet and gluten intolerance has taken a large toll in people’s gut health.  Health is all about our gut flora and the amount of fibre we take per day Due to extensive prescriptions for antibiotics our people lost the gut flora, which was introduced (how many years ago) through breast feeding. What about the many babies who are not breast fed! And to know also…

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Micro-sweep, Wormwood and Oregano essential oils

October 1, 2015

Micro-sweep herbal supplement, Oregano Oil and Wormwood oil May be not so well known, but essential oils can be really effective against yeasts, parasites and bacterial disease. Oregano oil  and Wormwood are typical examples of the difference between a herbal product and a drug; do use in combination!. Pharmaceutical drugs block or interfere with a biochemical pathway. Herbs contain multiple active centres, and its properties are combined in such a way as to bring along unique actions in the human body.  Herbs and essential oils from the plants are certainly not simple. Essential oils have a ketone/aldehyde group of molecules,…

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Make sure those symptoms are not worms/tropical parasites

August 19, 2015

How do I know I am not infested with tapeworm and other tropical parasites?   Did you travel to African countries or ate raw meat, pork or fish? Did you loose weight? Nauseous Weak Loss of appetite or eating too much Abdominal pain Diarrhoea Read more in the book by Suret Morkel Truths about Detoxification. Micro-sweep and Intestiflora every 6 months is a must.   Contact us for a health evaluation – so that we can make sure and help you. Tel 0861 779977   ]]>

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