Time to retreat again? Join us for a few days of ministry, healthy food, pampering and health evaluations and more and have your spirit, soul and body revived. All retreats are physical, emotional and spiritual related with the emphasis on fresh juice and raw food diet.

Please note that all our retreats are now 3 days in length. Book in a Sunday evening and leave Wednesday at 13h00.

Cost of retreat: contact us

10 people maximum will be accommodated. Bring your 9 friends and receive large discount.

Retreats include the following:

1.  A complete health evaluation.  Please complete and send us your evaluation forms at 3 weeks prior to the retreat – per email. This is compulsory before the retreat.

2.  Transport to and from the airport. Sleeping over previous night at guesthouse is added to cost of retreat. Please ensure that flights correspond with our time schedule!

3.  Accomodation at guest house (walking distance from Inner Fruits).

4.  All eats, meals and drinks (this is a fresh juice and raw food retreat).

5.  Healthy Chefs Food prepared every morning

6.  Massages – feet, scalp and back

7.  Teachings on health (mornings) together with Tabernacle garden walks and anointing sessions with Biblibal and healing oils.

8.  Still / chill time in the afternoons (rest in the garden).

9.  Prayer / prophetic ministry 1st two evenings.

What to expect from our retreats:

  • Each retreat is unique, so come with an open mind.
  • Your own health is important to us - we will talk about your health based on your evaluation form (as completed before retreat).
  • Teaching around natural health options.
  • Detoxification program "The Truths About Detoxification"  (presented for 16 years practically and personally by Suret Morkel and the Inner Fruits staff - includes detoxification products)
  • Juices and smoothies - freshly squeezed and prepared in such a way your sugar / insulin regulation could be completely sorted out within 3 days.
  • Raw food will be offered.
  • Prophetic speech (Ministering of the Holy Spirit also through other people).
  • Garden time (bring comfortable clothes that allow you to sit / lie or sleep in the morning).
  • Swimming and water therapy - bring appropriate swimwear together and own swim towel.
  • Therapy like prophetic massages -
    These should be discussed with us so 2 weeks before the retreat so that the therapists can book appointments.
  • Dance (ministry dance; dance).
  • Daniel and Suret will minister with the Lord some evenings - as the Lord leads. We pray every day and hear from Him.
  • Rest, rest and rest. The Father has a plan with your life and only He can truly serve you!
  • You may not bring 'snacks' (eat or drink well or bring it together - it defeats the purpose of the retreat!)

For more information please contact us.

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Testimony: I did the retreat with Suret and Danie Morkel and a subsequent 40-day raw food fast. Last year I had glandular fever, and was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic  - taking tablets for high blood pressure. On day 40 my blood pressure (previously high) is now 120/80, my cholesterol is 3.8; my glucose is 5 and my weight went down from 104 kg to 84 kg in 2-3 months. Praise to God!

Upcoming Retreats

Watch this space

Watch this space for upcoming retreats.