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Suret and Daniel Morkel

Anointing oils are compounded by Suret Morkel according to a Word by the Lord in 2010, and according to the Art of the Apothecary (Perfumery – Exodus 30).

Since 2011 Suret Morkel and her husband moved as the Holy Spirit called and mostly in the ministry of groups.

A special premise for anointing is at their home, in the Tabernacle prayer garden, which is situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

You might like to smell and taste all the different products which are offered at Inner Fruits, the foundation company which is the vehicle for the gospel of Jesus of Nazareth.

Since 1982 Inner Fruits have been operating in healing, the natural way. Since 1995 the health practice has been operating full time, actively supplying Natural Health Options through evaluation, diet, detoxification, natural supplementation, teaching, retreats, healthy chefs food preparing mornings, and since 2011 also through facilitating the Anointing of the Holy Spirit and Fragrance in healing.