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Options for the Anointing ministry - Tabernacle garden

Anointing ministry

Daniel and Suret Morkel

A Walk in a Tabernacle Garden – Truths about Healing

For Revival to Come 7 Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride


Three options for the anointing ministry:

1. Your own personal walk here (1-7 people) Monday-Friday

Fixed date Thursday mornings (arrange for other time...)

Enter the prayer Taberacle garden here at 8h45 (punctual), and leave at 12h00 (no afternoon sessions – as we meet our Heavenly Father in the cool of the day).

Entrance to garden – Donation for ministry and tabernacle garden

(anointing oils, Song of Solomon skin care&perfumes, and other Inner Fruits products for sale between 8h30 and 12h30)

I cannot be with you the whole morning, but I will go through the garden with you for 10 minutes and again for half an hour after your walk (12h00-12h20).

We supply a MP3 device with the audio on the Anointing walk (plus various other walks-Healing walk;Heavenly walk; Kindle the Fire walk; the Midnight Bridal walk, Five Areas where Jesus prayed etc).

You receive a basket with the 30 anointing oils and 8 LoveSong (Song of Solomon chapters) to smell. You listen and smell and walk into the 8 prayer stations in the garden – Father, Son and Holy Spirit ministers to you.

Bring along; own ground cushion, I supply a blanket & small mattress

(sometimes it may become cool).

Time periode: The walk takes at least 3 hours (8h45 punctual & leave at about 12h30).


2. In the Tabernacle garden;Saturday mornings for larger groups (20 min.-40 max. people)


My hushand and I minister together.

Starting 8h45 and ending about 12h30.

Bring along:  own ground cusion, small blanket.

No stockings or socks, open shoulders-no scarves

Warm jacket.

Entrance fee: none - appreciation for garden ministry welcome (minimum 20 people, max. 30)

 R22 for pomegranate fresh 100% pure juice

Appreciation for ministry is welcome.

Feel, Touch and Smell Song of Solomon Organic skin care range & organic perfumes containing pomegranate, wheat and precious oils.

3. Saturday morning at your premises (25 plus)

We go to your area. If possible a spacious place is an add-on for dancing may be? You may organize a love meal with all attendees for afterwards. Starting at 9 o clock, ending about 13h00.

Cost: Thanks for donation

Petrol cost for travel please EFT before hand into our account.

We are allowed to drive max 3 hours per car, and then air flight tickets please.

Overnight in your home (not a guest house

Saturday 9h00 to 13h00.

With larger groups the flow of the Holy Spirit is different and awesome – all honour and glory unto Him!

Sales of Anointing oils done the Monday after the weekend ministry sessions

Sales of oils during the week is directly after your own personal time with the Lord in the garden.

Anointing oils

  • Spoil the Bride Skin Care range,  all natural
  • Song of  Solomom (LoveSong perfume range)- and other organic Perfumes.

These fragrant Biblical and prophetic oils are used in the ministry and may be bought afterwards. May we please have a small table to exhibit (testers only) these?

Blessings, Daniel en Suret Morkel

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