In the Tabernacle Garden the Lord (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) ministers to us ...

Why is anointing so important?

We anoint for this is the ministry of Jesus.

He said in Mark 6:13, “Cast out demons, anoint with oil and heal.”

In Isaiah 10:27 we read, “The anointing oil destroys the yokes.”

As my husband and I started to move in obedience and did what the Lord asked in 2010, we saw this happening; People are released and set free when anointed with oil and when fragrant scriptures and prophetic Word is spread over them.

Anointing of our homes and the places where we walk is as important as it was when Israel moved from bondage into freedom (anointed their homes from death of the first born). It is told by many healing ministries that ex Satanists say they could not enter a home where there was anointing with oils and the Holy Spirit.

Anointing is not only an Old Testament ministry of the priesthood (Exodus 40), but this is a ministry which never ceased in the Bible. It is the ministry of Jesus and He told me that we become part of the Royal Priesthood who anoint the “John the Baptists” to also prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus.

When I did the research on the first book, “Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride” a new world opened for me. I read in Luke 1how Zacharias (John the Baptist’ Father) was one of 22 000 priests who burnt the Incense before the first coming of Jesus (and John prepared the way).

The Lord said to me that He is raising up a Royal Priesthood now, who will also burn the Incense and minister oils to the John the Baptists before the second coming of Jesus. The former Incense altar of Moses is now the altar of prayer (Rev 5 and 8), worship, songs, dances, and fragrances.

Jesus is, according to  2 Cor 2:15 the ‘fragrant’ One, and as we come closer to Him His fragrance rubs off.

He said to me in Dec 2010, “Go and anoint My Bride” for intimacy, healing, warfare, and seal her off. When the tsunami’s and the earthquakes came in March 2011 I heard, “Look at what is happening in the physical and see what I am busy with in the spiritual – the time for the second coming of My Son is not near, it is here...the waters have already broken...”

Since my husband, Daniel and I moved into the anointing ministry we have seen an increase in healing and the truth of Isaiah 10:27 is dawning; The Anointing Oil Destroys the Yokes”