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In the Tabernacle Garden the Lord (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) ministers to us ...

Our Bridegroom has a smell.

Yesterday, as I was driving in my car, I started to pray for a matter.  Suddenly the loveliest flower fragrance was in my car.

I have never smelt this fragrance before – it was a new fragrance…a mixture of jasmin, frangipani and rose.

I realised, by looking around me there was no flowers along side the road.

My Jesus has a fragrance.

In the book “I dare call Him Father” some missionary workers in Pakistani ministered a very wealthy Pakistani woman and gave her their address.

This woman was in a room one night, when suddenly a fragrance came into her room. She never had this before, and the next day she went to the missionary workers and said, “Does your Jesus have a fragrance?”  They confirmed that it is written in 2 Cor. 2: 14-18 “We are to God the fragrance of Christ (leading to life) among those who are being saved and an aroma of death to those who are perishing…

Also verse 14.  Thanks to God who always leads us in a triumph in Christ (as we pray and trust Him for knowledge regarding a matter), as through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

Jesus, Yeshua, our Messiah carries a fragrance.

Messiah means “The Anointed One” and anointing and oil carry fragrances.

The Holy Spirit (Ruach) and the word “Reyach” or fragrance come from the same root words in Hebrew (Ruach). In Genesis 1 God sayd, "Let there be ... .light"  and He brought Jesus in. He also said, "The Holy Spirit hovers over...." and the word hovers, when looking in the Strongs Bible dictionary, stands for 'a fast flutter movement... to and fro.... the first vibration put into matter."

When pure essential oils are used in our anointing products (oils and perfumes and skin care range....) these oils vibrate at extremely high speeds. up to 320 megahertz (Read more in the anointing oil website And all over the Bible oil is mentioned in the same breath as the works of the Holy Spirit. (Isa 10:27; Mark 6:13 - read more in the two books written by Suret Morkel, "Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride and also in WHen the Word became Fragrant."


Thus the Holy Spirit also signifies fragrances.

We serve and amazing God!

All the pavements in our Tabernacle garden are laid out with penny royal, with mint, with rocket, basil and many fragrant plants and as I walk in the mornings, with my cup of tea or berry smoothie, I so enjoy the fragrances around me.

Friends let us not stop praying into the East Gate and for our Yeshua Messiah and our Fragrance Bridegroom to come quickly. The earth is pregnant and the waters of His coming has already broken…

Many a person come to me with testimonies of fragrances as they worship or pray.

Here is what Johanna V. wrote last year;

So very, very blessed this morning. Would like to share with you.

Last night I was watching DVD on the eastern gate, also praying in the spirit for the Middle East/east. I then was surrounded again by the smell, which I still do not identify, but I often get, and have a sense that it is the Holy Spirit.

I was blessed with a massage, and received flowers, all eastern flowers, with a branch of olive leaf and a brunch from a fig tree with figs. I felt to put the vase on my bed side table yesterday. This morning was lead to watch,

The anointing came over me, as He says that He is at the door and knock, again I smelt the same smell. Then I read your email, where you mention Jehovah Reyach, fragrance and smell - Ruach and the intersession for the east gate.

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