This is My Story

Why the Anointing ministry?

In 2010 the Lord took me aside, and into a secret place, for a 12-month period. Almost, as with a conception and a birthing, the Holy Spirit birthed this ministry during a 12-month period, while God also prepared me like the bride Esther for something new and very special.

In the third month I heard Him clearly. Search for all the anointing, fragrant, incense, oil and aroma scriptures in the Bible, and fit them into the Walk of the Bride the walk though her living tabernacle and based upon the Tabernacle of Moses (Exodus).”

It took me many months to gather all the scriptures, and the book ‘Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride’ saw the first light in March 2011.

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As the Lord compelled me to start the anointing ministry I saw deliverance, healing and joy! This reminded me of one the scriptures the Lord led me to.

Jesus said in Mark 6:13, Cast out the demons, anoint with oil and heal.

Zacharias (Luke 1), the father of John the Baptist was one of 22 000 priests who burnt the incense before the first coming of Jesus. I believe the Lord God is raising up many a prophet and royal priest who now, too, burn the incense and minister to the John the Baptists, who prepare the way for His second coming.

Since July that year (2011) my husband joined me and we started to receive invitations to anoint His bride. We move where He calls us.

Who is the bride?

Matthew 25 reads about Ten virgins ... 5 foolish and 5 wise virgin brides ... the virgin bride is the one who bought extra oil ... who went out and cosmeo, trim and beautify her lamps ...

Extra oil is the oil of the Holy Spirit and this scripture means deeper love and intimacy, firstly with our heavenly Bridegroom, for this is the template of all our earthly love relationships; even love for those who do not seem to love us. She allows the Lord to heal her in her walk with Him; body, soul and spirit. This is not easy, and it hurts, as much as it hurts to scratch away the dirt from the wicks of a lamp...

Isaiah 10:27 proclaims that the anointing oil destroys the yokes.

Read more in an extraordinary book, written that year of 2010-2011 “Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride” – why:

The Satanist said, “... we knew when a place was anointed and we also knew that we could not get in there.”

Read more on… anointing which is Jesus’ ministry - we partake in His ministry (Mark 6:13)


Book I + Set of 8 oils in a wooden box (Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride).



Book II + 15 anointing oils in a wooden box (When the Word became fragrant). As I read the Word it becomes audible, visible, we experience the Word and it becomes fragrant.

When the word became fragrant

For exampleIsaiah 41 speaks of 7 trees, which the Lord God will bring to grow when He makes our desert springs of living water. As we read the scripture we anoint ourselves with the combination of these 7 trees (compounded together in one vial) and take the prophetic Word as a promise of abundance coming after a dry season in our lives. Go then and anoint those whom the Lord lays upon your heart.

Book III (When Science and the Bible met).

I found scientific proof that healing takes place in our limbic brain when we inhale the strong unadulterated essential oil combinations. Our oils are of highest purest quality!

I work more with combinations of fragrances than with single fragrances. Single fragrances had been in the world for 5000 years. The Lord revealed to me that He now uses the different ‘new fragrances’ for the healing of His people from emotional baggage which are trapped in the limbic brain. This is a ‘now’ word for the release of His people from bondage, for deeper intimacy and do be done prior to His second coming. Emotional release affects the physical body as well!

But all the single oils are also available here - undiluted, purest therapeutic grade!

Where we touch the skin with a pure oil ten to the times 19 molecules in that one drop of oil moves within 20 minutes to each part of our body, through electrical currents. As in Jeremiah 1 this uplift, destroys, pulls down and then restores and heals.

In these three books you will learn more;

The oils come from the aromatic, vital fluid which is distilled (prepared through different procedures) from flowers, shrubs, leaves, trees, roots, and seeds.

You will learn about both essential oils and carrier (seed) oils ….

God Himself gave the first recipes in the Bible…

Why do we anoint…

Precious alabaster glass vials

Three types of burners: 50ml, 150ml and an exquisite burner – all available from here.

Why do we anoint…? Read more

Enrol for a Perfume Compounding Course: Contact us

Your DNA signature fragrance make you ‘alive’… and is compounded h ere according to the art of the Apothecary (Perfumer- Exod.30).

Spoil the Bride Cleanse range (washes) and Heal range (creams) are compounded with pure essential oils and according to Song of Solomon scriptures (female, male, babies and pets).

Song of Solomon Perfume range (LoveSong Chapters 1-8) is compounded here.

5ml (plastic), 30ml square glass /crimped and 50ml crimped

This range is an organic oil and perfume range, free from artificial colorants, fragrances and preservatives; A lovely gift to yourselves and a friend.

100% pure costly, un-adulterated, uncontaminated, certified and rare essential oils are used, and from trust worthy suppliers. If, in some oils, an essential fragrance is used it will be stipulated on the label.

Inner Fruits

Inner Fruits is the vehicle for the gospel (Word by the Lord on 26 April 1999).

Inner Fruits, the company for natural healing options, was founded in 1995. Clientele come for diet, supplements (well researched and developed from here) and for a personal health evaluation. All-natural high potency herbs, high density amino acids, vitamins and minerals are used in this all-natural product range, with vegetal capsules.

(Read more about healing the natural way in Health Vision).

Live Blood Analysis via Dark Field Microscopy 

Inner Fruits is the vehicle for the gospel of Christ (the foundation company of Anointwithoils).  Your contribution in having your health evaluation done here (Dark Field Microscopy) and buying your natural healing products and your anointing and healing oils/perfumes/skin care range/books; helps us to spread the gospel of our Yeshua the Messiah (the anointed One) and the works of His Holy Spirit (Reyach) the Fragrance in the Anointing. Fact is His coming is not near, it is here and so many still need to come in for Him.

As a natural health practitioner, I believe and have seen how prescription medications, though necessary sometimes in a crisis, result in more problems and allergies. Our multi-healing plan includes prayer and anointing with oils, besides diet, supplementation, healing retreats and training through health chef’s food preparing mornings.

Why Choose Inner Fruits Anointing and Healing oils?

We use only 100% pure essential essential and therapeutic oils bought from reputable essential oil suppliers.

Our products (Anointing oils, skin care products and Perfumes) are blended with little carrier oils. Perfumes are organic, pure and made from costly essential oils and not essential fragrances as with all other perfume companies. Although very much needed in the final product we use a small amount (just enough to not burn) of carrier oils such as almond, olive, grape seed, Siberian pine, sesame seed and jojoba. Thus, our product contains a large percentage of the original oil and may effectively play a role in the release of trapped emotions from the limbic brain through inhalation.

The same principals are maintained for the Inner Fruits health product range.

Researched, developed & compounded from here since 1996 – and moved to Dr Jacquelene Vermeulene and her husband Darrin  (Inner Vitality) in 2018.

Micro-sweep (detox from yeast/candida/parasites) Neurest (natural anti-stress/depression etc), Olive-Immune (natural antibiotic/heart support) and more products…

Our natural healing products will not have undesirable side effects. Where the person experience nasal reaction I would ask you to consider doing the proper Inner Fruits detoxification plan, for the detox symptoms occur due to yeast and other poisons, which may have accumulated in your nasal channels and sinuses due to usage of antibiotics and many other reasons. to order your natural healing products now.

(this phenomenal health range is transferred to the new suppliers (Innervitality) – and in supporting this range there – we still benefit and the vision of “Healing of the Nations” continue via our range.

Tabernacle Retreats Trading as Inner Fruits

Suret Morkel

Medical Scientist; Microbiologist; Natural health facilitator

Founder of Inner Fruits; Tel 0861 779977 (South Africa) or /

The Vision of Healing the Natural Way (Isa 45-61)

Malachi 4:2/Rev. 22:2/Mark 6:13


Considering other anointing oils, I have bought before I must testify that your oils last long, I can even use it as a perfume, and after months the fragrance is still there in my vial. With other brands I bought before the fragrance taper off within a short time or becomes rancid are some time.