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When Science and the Bible meet - the science behind essential oils

There is a science behind Fragrance in Healing.

Essential oils are of the smallest molecules on earth. Essential oils consist of molecules (atoms of H+ and O2 and more) and are literally live molecules.

They are of the highest vibrating molecules ... One drop contains 40 million trillion molecules (4 with 19 zeros). These tiny molecules, measured in amu, vibrate so fast that their speed makes them evaporate.

Fragrances are thus evaporated molecules, carrying the true vibrations and fragrances of the plant (ea oil its own fragrance) in excessive amounts into our bodies.

Bring 1 drop in contact with our body and within 20 minutes all our cells are reached.

When we smell them they move through the blood brain barrier and heal all areas of brain, especially the limbic brain where bad emotions are trapped.

Read more how this works, that hydrogen and oxygen in the essential oils participate in release of bad emotions besides all the other healing modalities which God uses.

Read more in the book:

When Science and the Bible meets – the Art of the Apothecary

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