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Sow into the Alabaster Box

Your seed into this ministry is most welcome.

Only costly oils (100% pure & precious oils and many of them organic!) are used.

The Essential oils which are used, come from most reliable sources; we buy 100% pure oils; adulterated oils will not be part of our ministry (oils which are tampered with are oils which do not cost much!).

The cost of these oils is like the Alabaster jar of spikenard, which the woman used to anoint the feet of Jesus; costly and precious!

Fragrance in healing is used together with the spoken Word; for fragrance in healing only highest quality may be inhaled. Inhaling the oils result in release of trapped emotions from the limbic brain. This again affects other parts in our body and facilitates physical healing there...

What does the word adulterated means?

In the manufacturing process monoterpenes (substances in the oil) are taken out! This makes the manufacturing of the oil less expensive. Read more in the book ‘When Science and the Bible met".

Your seed makes it possible for us to buy oils which (many of them) cost R1000 ($100) per 10 ml vial! Your seeds makes it possible to sow into the health of many clientele who cannot buy their natural healing products and/or oils.

Thank you for sowing into this ministry by donation, or by getting your oils from us.

There is a Biblical recipe for receiving a harvest (in the natural as well as in the spiritual). We need to sow, in order for plants/fruit to grow and a harvest to follow.

Tabernacle Prayer Garden

Your seed makes your personal walk in the Tabernacle prayer garden a possibility, for we can cope then with the cost of maintaining the garden.

Part of your seed will go into the lives of the ‘dustbin’ people who eat from the dustbins in my neighbourhood.

They are beautiful and God has put another ‘fragrance’ ministry into my hands; thank you for all your R5 coins which I can use to buy bread for them and bring a Word (bread of Jesus) to them at the same time.

We bless you in our prayers!


Donations to the homeless:

We need donations for food/clothes/blankets for those who scratch in our dustbins in our neighbourhood.

You are welcome to make donations to help us provide meals or gifts to people in need.

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