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Eleven Harmful Substances in your Skin Care-Disease might be lurking in your soap, washes and creams!

September 8, 2018

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Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Alcohol, Fragrance, Petrolatum,Tissue oils, Coal Tar, Artificial colourants, Triclosan, Oxybenzone & Phthalates

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Last chance to enrol for coming Sat. 8 Sept – Perfume course

September 3, 2018

Perfume Compounding Course- Sat. Sept. 8th – last of this year Please enrol before Wed. 5th Sept – reserve your space – limited! Exquisite perfume to buy here – come for your own fragrance journey (Mo – Fri at 9 o clock – in the springtime Tabernacle Garden – now embroidered with SonSeeker indigenous plants)   What is this in my blood?  Revealing – Fantastic to work from here regarding; This blood picture shows us if you need to detox, it shows parasties/yeast fermentation, Methylcobalamine/B12 deficiency, it shows your diet – what you ate for breakfast…. and more. Book your healh…

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Pomegranates – Week 5

August 11, 2018

Significance of Pomegranates in Physical Healing   Week 5:Pomegranate is about beauty, goodness & openness. request week 1-4 from us.  Drink Pomegranate Juice and eat Pomegranates, not only to “Eat and drink Prophetically” unto yourselves these lovely promises, but also for the (emotional), fruitfulness and maturity of our Lord. Receive the physical healing properties which the pomegranate fruit and juice bring you-as proven by Medical Science. Available from Inner Fruits (021-9030036/0739000347) in a box of 24 – 350ml bottles-frozen (Yes they go by air as well)! Vitamins supplied A 100ml serving provide 40% of an adult’s supply of vitamin C.…

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Significance of Pomegranates in the Spirit and in the Physical body

July 9, 2018

Significance of Pomegranates in the Spirit and in the Physical body By Suret Morkel Pomegranates Punica granatum is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree, growing to 5-8m tall.   Where from? Pomegranates come originally from Iran up to the Himalayas in northern India, and now also From Israel and Turkey and the mid-east countries. Scriptures referring to pomegranates Exodus 28:33 – In the Tabernacle of Moses the priest had on the hem, embroidery of pomegranates, and bells were stiched there as well. Together with the colours of the priesly garments (blue, white, red) our priestly walk in Him is…

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Word Fragrant Ministry & Teaching Morning – Wed. 27 June

June 22, 2018

June 27th When the Word Became Fragrant Ministry event 8h45-11h30  (plus lovely soup afterwards) A morning of lovely fragrances/ministry Anointing oils; Prophetic & more Is physical Healing possible via Essential Oils? Fragrant Word – broken and spilled out one by one… do not miss out! Contact as well as for reservation of space via-R30 EFT (tea/coffee-soup after event included) Cell 0739000347 Tel 0219030036      Perfume making for kids/teens-Ages 10-17 l last minute enrolments-up to Monday 25 June (with or without ma/grandma) -contact us for costs        Healthy Kid Chefs Morning -Ages 6-14 Wed. July 4th contact…

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More regarding Perfume Compounding Courses

June 28, 2017

Perfume Compounding is fun Contact us at  If you cannot attend the course  we supply a “Start-up” kit for you! The fragrance you create should be “balanced” and harmonize like music, coming in base notes, mid notes and top notes Whether it’s soft and subtle or exotic and romantic, you can easily make any fragrance you desire – today you will compound your own signature (DNA) fragrance into a perfume, a cream and an anointing oil! Become part of the Effervescent, Intoxicated Bubbly Bride in her second season of beauty treatments (Esther 2:12) with perfumes. Date: Request next date…

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Perfume making course for girls

June 28, 2017

 Morning of Perfume Making for girls (11-18 years old) Prepare a lovely fragrant gift for mom. This is going to be such fun!       Are you a flowery girl? or a spice girl? or herbie, woody and mossy girl? Or would you like to smell like fruit, or orange and lemon? Make your own special fragrance on Wednesday July 19th. Then mix your DNA fragrance into a perfume, a cream and an anointing oil! In the Bible the bride Esther had 12 months of beauty treatments before she met her King and Bridegroom.  You too are walking this road…

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Moulds and bacteria communicate via fragrances-terpenes

April 23, 2017

This article by Elsabe Brits (22 April 2017) is in English available (see below here) Swamme en Bakteriee kan praat deur Elsabe Brits Terpenes are the world’s most widespread communication medium – and Terpenes are the building blocks of essential oils This article of April 14, 2017 show that Moulds and Bacteria can Communicate. I believe this is the way for communication between essential oil molecules and humans as well …  read more … Research has now for the first time proven than moulds and bacteria can ‘talk’ to each other and that the language they use is probably the one that…

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Seminar: Art of the Perfumer-smelling & emotional release

March 18, 2017

Seminar 6th April; Thursday 8h45-12h00     How does it work? The Molecules of Essential oils & a reaction in the emotional centre of our brain Why we not only Anoint the people but also Smell the Anointing oils and Organic perfumes? A Morning of Teachings, Fragrances in Healing; smelling the oils; emotions…we are body, soul & spirit ONLY PER RESERVATION OF YOUR SPACE! Thursday April 6th 2017 Inner Fruits-Suret Morkel and team Time: 8h45 – 12h00 (Tea and oat snack served at 11o clock) Sales of products afterwards. Suret will be available for questions until 12h00 Reserve your seat…

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26 Aug 2017-Perfume Course;the Fragrance you create should harmonize like music (in base, mid and top notes)

March 18, 2017

A Morning of Perfume Making-26 Aug 2017 (Cape Town)                                                                                                  or                2nd of Sept. 2017 (Mosselbay)   Whether it’s soft and subtle or exotic and romantic, you can easily make any fragrance you desire –   On this day of Aug 26, 2017 you will compound…

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Garden walkers; Testimony

March 9, 2017

  Suret and Daniel   Thank you so much for a special morning at the garden. Mahanaim dance ministry want to let you know that we heard from the Lord and it touches us how He ministers to us. Thank you for your prayers; thank you for the great work that you do for the body; may Father bless you richly and enlarge your borders according to His plan.   Love Adri and team. ]]>

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5. Government Benjamin esther

Esther Purim ministry & prayer morning-1st April 2017

March 7, 2017

Esther Purim Feast   Beloved Benjamin and Esther/Hadassah This is the year to take up your Governmental position in Him – Men and Women Sat. morning April 1st. An Esther Purim prayer & Ministry morning Time: 8 o clock in the Tabernacle Garden (in the Holiest of Holy places – the Ark) Arrive: please arrive at 7h45 as we already close the gates at 8 o’ clock (sorry not possible to open for late comers…) Cost:There is cost involved-reserve your space (tea, coffee, fresh rye bread, smoothie served) – only per reservation of entrance ( Bring along: ground cushion &…

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Pray in the Tabernacle garden-31st January 2017

January 29, 2017

We would like to pray for you … and for your eyes and doors to be opened – 2017.   The early bird catches the worm and the Word… Coming Tuesday morning 31 January 2017 TIme: 5h45 – gates will be opened from 5h30 to 5h45 (please do not ring the gate or door bell as others are sleeping in the house). Gates close at 5h34 again! Please do not be late! We release you at 7h15 – in time for work!   Please confirm your coming with  (by email) – coffee/tee will be served when arriving (5h30) only. …

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living waters 30ml 2

Word for 2017 (5777)

January 29, 2017

Word for 2017 (5777)   We are, since 2010 (5770) in a ten-year portal of time; The decade of Ayin (Hebrew letter which means – to see).   God desires in this year of 2017 (5777) to continue restore normal prophetic vision back to the church to prepare us for what is to come. We will see Him clearly like never! We also look towards the nations and prepare for the great harvest. As with the Laodicean church in Rev. 3 He anoints our eyes with new ointment to see … His heart is for His people to carry His…

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A Morning of Fragrances

January 22, 2017

Fragrance in Healing of the physical, emotions & spirit Ever Wondered why we not only Anoint the people but also Smell the Anointing oils and Organic perfumes?   Join us for a Morning of Fragrances & more topics… Thursday March 2nd 2017 Inner Fruits-Suret Morkel and team   We will you give some interesting teachings on: The Science behind Anointing oils and Perfumes (fragrance in healing)! Natural healing products & Diet in Detoxification -The True Detox Ever wondered why so many of your friends get cancer! Why do some people get flushes during menopause and others not…? Word in healing-Ministry…

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horn oil almal slegs horn

Jubilee continues for 2017 – Anointing of Kings, Priests & the Bride

December 6, 2016   Click on the link above here for article on Jubilee – and an exquisite  Jubilee Sandalwood perfume for men and for women. Jubilee continues for 2017   ]]>

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The Effervescent Intoxicated Bubbly Bride – a few spaces left

November 2, 2016

The Effervescent, Intoxicated Bubbly Bride     A walk through Joel, Esther and Song of Solomon…smelling the LoveSong perfumes & Oils “New Wine – New Oil – New Grain – Hills Overflowing with Milk  This walk is about he Bride Esther (Ch 2:12) Esther had 12 months of Beauty treatments – 6 months with oils of myrrh and 6 months with perfumes…before she met her King and bridegroom” We are now in this second season: At Inner Fruits organic perfumes are compounded from pure essential oils… Inner Fruits launch two Open Days  – only once per year (reserve your space!)! Seven…

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screen saver white flowers rev 3 vs 8

Open Days 11 & 12 Nov 2016

September 29, 2016

Inner Fruits launch two Open Days  – only once per year! Seven Fragrant Rooms of Gifts and Ministry          Dates 2016 Friday Nov 11th      (8h45 to 14h00) Saturday Nov 12th ( 8h45 – 14h00) Ministry walk is 8h45-11h00– thereafter enjoy the seven fragrant rooms, including the Graze Tent and the Grace Tent.   Entrance fee R40   Our theme for the Ministry walk is:  “New Wine – New Oil – New Grain – Hills Overflowing with Milk – The Effervescent, Intoxicated Bubbly Bride Walking through Joel, Esther and Song of Solomon…” This walk is about he Bride Esther in…

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Anointing morning: Sat Sept 10th-New Oil;New Wine;New Grain-Hills overflowing with milk – it is still Jubilee!

August 20, 2016

Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride A Perfume Walk from Song of Solomon New Wine – New Oil – New Grain –  Hills overflowing with milk Worship dances, Ministry & Rest in a Tabernacle garden! Esther had 12 months of Beauty treatments; 6 months with oils of myrrh and 6 months with perfumes. This morning will be about Song of Solomon perfumes and meeting our coming King   Time & Date? 8h45 to 12h30 Saturday 10 Sept 2016 (Gates close at 9h00 please do not be late) How & Where?  Only per reservation – Tel 0861 779977 /…

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A Season of Fast Forwards – Voice of the One

August 6, 2016

It is a new Season – says the Lord– a season of fast forwards   I woke up and the Voice of the One and only Lord of Lords King of Kings and Heavenly Bridegroom spoke softly in my ear… He called and I almost did not hear. When I got up from my bed He continued I announce a new season It is a season of fast forwards… Before you can think about it and ponder …. it has already happened… it is a fast season, the Season of Luban and Lebonah (Milk and Frankincense) … (Joel 3) a…

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Special on Single anointing oils and Prophetic Oils

June 19, 2016   See anointwithoils website  News:  Special on Single undiluted oils and Prophetic oils (2 week special up to end of June 2016) ]]>

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The Smoke of His Glory; Essential oil special for 3 weeks

May 25, 2016     The Following SINGLE UNDILUTED essential oils are at large special for 2 weeks – up to June 10th. These oils are 100% pure. Vetiver Cassia Aniseed Peppermint   Vetiver  Used where a Smokey aroma is needed.  Inner Fruits supply a box of 8 anointing oils plus a book, “The Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride” and this is also like a book of training into applying anointing oils, where they come from scripture and even physical healing properties of oils. The oils are numbered from 1-8 and each carry their own specific character to be used…

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Testimony after reading "Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride"

May 25, 2016

Dear sister I have not met face to face but in Spirit and Truth, I am Lynn Marie living in upstate New York USA. The Lord’s Presence has directed me to your read through Amazon. The Anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride is an extraordinary book! I am intoxicated within the Presence as I’m in your book. The Lord has me in a season of expansion to venture ever the more into the wonders of Him. Joining within your relationship, I now realize how much I need this season where I am. Such depth of wisdom and intimate relationship…

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pom whole

The Beauty which you Behold

May 22, 2016

Voice of the One – May 22nd The beauty which you behold   This morning I looked at the Pomegranate trees in the Tabernacle garden. And the many fruit, at least 15 that it carries this year. But from the outside – the fruit looks rather dull and many of the fruit are now cracked as they ripen.         Then I heard the Lord say, “Do not look at the outside. See what I see, for as the fruit cracks you can see inside – lovely red pips, ripe and ready.  I always see beyond the outer shells –…

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vlamm vlag peter 1

Pentecost 2016 (5776) – Anointing morning (There is Fire in His Eyes) – The Year of Jubilee

May 2, 2016

Pentecost – Jubilee There is Fire in His Eyes The Acceptable Year of the Lord for you and me Couples and Singles Anointing morning;  Date: Saturday May 28;  Time: 8h45 (up to 12h30) Were? Tabernacle Garden – will send specifications once you are registered Bring along? 1 apple, 1 banana, small ground cushion, small blanket and jacket   Limited space – book well ahead of time!    Acts 2 / Isaiah 61 / Lev. 25 / 1 Kings 10/ Isaiah 6 / 2Thess. 1:7 / Rev. 2:8 / Rev. 19 During Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles, each year, the Key of…

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lion hearted warrior

9. Lion Hearted Warrior Bride – anointing oil

April 24, 2016

Song of Solomon 3: Lionhearted Warrior Bride     Key Scripture Songs 3:7, Isaiah 62, Judges 5:7 Songs 3 / Isaiah 61 Who is coming out of the wilderness? Like pillars of smoke                                                                                    Smokey Oil Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense                                     Myrrh & Frankincense With all the merchant’s fragrant powders? Behold it is Solomon’s couch With sixty valiant men around it                                       Valian    means Lion Hearted Expert in war On the day of his wedding The day of the gladness of his heart. Judges 5:7 Deborah also had valiant men who accompanied her.The word virtuous,  valor and valiant all have the same…

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8. Jubilee Sandalwood perfume & Anointing oil

April 24, 2016

A year of Jubilee-2016 (5776 in the Hebrew calender) Last week the Lord led me to compound an anointing oil, called Jubilee, and perfumes (Jubilee Sandalwood; one for the women and another for the men-pour homme). The main essential oil in Jubilee is “Sandalwood.” I searched and trusted that Sandalwood is mentioned in the Word for the fragrance of the season is in sandalwood. 2016 is the year of Jubilee, and this season already started with Day of Atonement (2015) and will commence up to this year (Trumpets to Atonement). My Lord is awesome – for sandalwood is mentioned in…

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a fragrance journey

In the Tabernacle garden – a Journey of Fragrances

March 14, 2016

In the Tabernacle Garden we walk from the Altar, to the Laver, then into the Holy place (Showbread, Lampstand and Incense altar), and then through a Torn Veil into the Holy of Holies.   This is done with Word, anointing oils, laughter, tears, and the Lord God uproots (as in Jeremiah 1), destroy, deliver, and then restore and heal. It is a walk in the new love covenant. The place of deepest love is in the Holiest of Holiest where Spirit meets spirit.   We have three options for this fragrance garden walk. Contact us for more.   Last Saturday…

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pomegranate love

Garden walks

February 8, 2016 Invitation to Garden walk or Anointing morning Tabernacle garden & Mount of Spices  In 2010 the Lord kept Suret aside for a 12 month period, while she had to collect all the fragrance, incense, aroma, oil and anointing scriptures from the Bible. As with Esther she had her 12 months of beaty treatments, and then He released her in 2011. His Word was, “Go and anoint My Bride for a deeper love walk with Me, her heavenly Bridegroom. And that she will be on the white horse with Me, with the Word as a sword coming from her lips.…

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news 15 voice foto

Are you ready … a new season coming

December 16, 2015

Voice of the One This morning as I prayed in the Tabernacle garden under the wings of the Cherubim some of the white confetti flowers fell upon me.   heard the Voice of my Lord, the Voice of the One speaking to me (….perhaps to you as well?) … read here … are you ready for the final outpouring?  Are you ready to move beyond the Veil and the wings of My Cherubim? You can move once you are ready and willing to surrender it all.   Are you willing  to move without the lovely anointing oils and perfumes? Are you…

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Voice of the One Nov 2015

November 26, 2015

I went to the garden this morning and saw this lovely bulb opening at the dawn of the new day.     I heard my Lord say, You are at the dawn of a new season of simplicity.  As I focussed the lens to dim the back ground He said, “When the things  which are not so important around you grow strangely dim, I can become the most in your life!”   Maybe this is for you as well!   ]]>

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square LoveSong parfum

Upcoming Open Days – 7 Kamers vol Geure/ 7 Fragrant Rooms with gifts

November 13, 2015

Inner Fruits Annual Open Days: Special and Fragrant! 10 percent discount on all products (only for those who come here… – reserve your space!) Song of Songs fragrances in Organic perfumes, and natural skin care range.        Glass pendants with your special oil in     7 Fragrant Rooms with Gifts / 7 Kamers vol Geurige Geskenke Friday 4 Dec and Saturday 5 Dec 2015 (9h00to 13h00) 7 Kamers vol Geure  / 7 Fragrant Garden Rooms Purpose? To spoil you and for you to spoil us; Buying fragrant gifts here! Book your time slot (9 o’ clock both…

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Testimonies; Anointing ministry in the Tabernacle Garden-Baptism in fire event 3 Oct 15

October 4, 2015

The Following are testimonies after the Garden Ministry (Trumpets to Tabernacles) event during the Feast of Tabernacles of 2015. 3 October 2015 From Fire to Rest Baptised in Fire of love for the Revival. Dearest Suret and Daniel It was very good for me to experience the Saturday event There are a few things I want to thank you for; Your generosity with your time and resources – I am not sure that the fee that you charged even cover all your expenses in terms of food, oils and a gift of oil. You and Daniel basically did a work of…

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Ministering of the Anointing oils

September 6, 2015

Please see the website ]]>

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6. Key Rev 3 vs 8 and heart

Going through Fire? Anointwithoils Trumpets-to-Tabernacles morning 3 Oct 2015

September 6, 2015

Anointwithoils-Trumpets-to-Tabernacles morning@Inner Fruits   Going through fire? (Baptême–du–feu) Baptised in Fire? Come for ministry, a Rest and Feast  in the Tabernacle garden! Take the key towards intimacy & rest.   Time? Saturday October 3rd How & Where?  Only per reservation- Tel 0861 779977 / Limited space – book you space now – for a morning in the Tabernacle Garden Cost? R120 including tea, berry delight smoothie, salad & an anointing oil   Amidst all circumstances He still wants to take us into a Godly rest in Him – to Tabernacle with Him.   (Isa 62). You shall be called…

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Persia against the Jews again – Voice of the One

August 19, 2015

  Voice of the One – Aug 14, 2015     Last Friday I heard the Lord say,  You enter the Esther/ Hamman season from now up to Esther Feast 2016. Persia (or Iran) wants to annihilate the Jews, but I have risen up many Esthers and Mordecais.     With your Esther 2:12 treatments of oils and perfumes (12 months of beauty treatments) you are preparing yourselves to meet Me, your King and Bridegroom.     You, the ones who seek intimacy and favour with Me and your Heavenly Bridegroom amidst trials, will hear My voice about the time…

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hay window

Not finished with Hey for 2015 yet – take the key.

June 28, 2015

  I was busy this morning copying photos from my cell phone to an external disk. These photos were taken 2 days ago in our tabernacle garden.   As these photos came up I heard the voice of my Bridegroom … Look at the first photo. It looks like hey – the 5th letter of the bebrew alphabet – which is the Word for 2015 Hey in Hebrew means window.       I am not finished yet with hey in you – for 2015 Do not feel devastated. The time is not slipping by. My hand is with you.…

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20150530 102306

Testimony on Anointing morning May 2015

June 23, 2015

  Testimony on Anointing morning May 2015   Dear Suret   I just want to thank you for the awesome time we had at your place.   I just know that Holy Spirit did something beautiful in my life. I don’t know what the reason was that you asked me to sing, but I just know that after that song Father did something amazing with my voice. My voice is now more clear like in the beginning…There was some time I had flu and after the flu cleared my voice was never the same. But after 30 May my voice…

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Testimonies of worship dance event – Esther March 2015

June 23, 2015

The Midnight Bride; Esther, Matthew 25 and the Bride of Revelation 19. Liewe Suret en span,   Baie dankie vir al die reëlings t.o.v. die aand van worship. Dit was voorwaar heerlik en pragtig. Ek het weer so baie geleer by die dames wat sò met oorgawe ons Koning Bruidegom geëer het. Die groepdanse was wonderlik pragtig!    Baie seën met jul bediening  met die gereedmaking van die bruid van Jesus.   Mag Hy ons waardig vind as Hy ons kom haal.   Mimmie du Toit Dear Suret and Team Thank you so much for the arrangements and the evening of worship. It…

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Word for 2015; Open Windows & Liquid Golden Love oil

January 5, 2015

  Word for 2015; Open Windows, New Growth, Liquid Golden Love oil & the Miracle Faith-walk   The Cycad- Broodboom   At the Showbread area of our Tabernacle Garden the Cycad (broodboom) points to Jesus, our bread of life. During September 2014 I noticed the Cycad becoming fruitful after we planted a seed 27 years ago. A huge ‘bread’ was right in the middle inbetween many leaves. The message at the Showbread area of our personal Tabernacle walk with Yeshua, is, “As you eat from Me, the bread of life, I can heal your emotions, and you can walk more and…

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He Poured Golden Liquid Love oil over me (Sech. 4).

November 25, 2014

2014  Okt 14                    Golden Liquid Love Oil Vader het my so mooi bedien vanmiddag daar met die Touching hearts naweek kamp tydens die ‘Receiving God’s Love’ sessie.   Father ministered to me this weekend there at the Touching Hearts ministry weekend. We were on the carpet to receive His love for us.   Ek het jare gelede eendag in ministry ervaar hoe ek opgevoer is na ‘n groot wolk en Jesus het my daar ontmoed op die wolk. (ander dag….dit was ‘n awesome sessie).   Hierdie keer het ek gesien, die…

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Trumpets to Tabernacles – Anointing oil

September 21, 2014

   Trumpets to Tabernacles Anointing oil    15 oils are included in this Anointing oil: 10 for the God’s feast cycles which are 10 weekly and for completion. 5 for the Fivefold ministry Balm of Gilead Cedar Cypress Onycha / vanilla Cistus (rock rose or Rose of Sharon) Fig Henna Lily of the Valley Myrrh Myrtle Rose/Geranium, Pomegranate 100 % pure oil Vanilla/Onycha Smokey oil Vine oil In a carrier oil base of: Olive oil Almond oil Grape seed oil Pomegranate seed oil  Significance of these anointing oils, taking us from trumpets to tabernacles (Intimacy) From Trumpets to Tabernacles anointing…

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LoveSong 7

Perfumes from LoveSongs 1-8

July 31, 2014

Perfumes  from the book Song of Solomon; Chapters 1-8 Perfume: LoveSong 2  Come away my Beloved                   R180 / 20ml Perfume: LoveSong7 Midnight Pomegranate  & Rose perfume   R220 /  20 ml Perfume: LoveSong 3  (Expert in War & Gladness) Unisex perfume  Simchah Ariel; Valiant,  Lion-hearted warrior  Pour Homme                     R180 /  20 ml Perfume: LoveSong6  (From flesh to spirit; dancing unto Him  to dancing with Him) Sweet Flag-Warrior Dancing Bride           R200 / 20 ml Or 50 ml Signature perfumes for special ministries Perfume: Serene perfume for Elze…

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Price of Anointing oils and Perfumes Aug 2014

July 30, 2014

Anointing of the Royal Priest & Bride Book & 8 oils & wooden box R500 Rider on the white horse R60 Purify me Lord R60 Oil of gladness R60 Kindle the fire R60 Harp and Incense Bowl R60 Rise up and come away R60 One look of Your Eyes R60 Leaves as Medicine R60 Some oils are available in 1ml dipstick vials: R20     12  Anointing and Healing oils: Book + set of 12 oils in wooden box  R650 Dew to Israel Hosea 14 R60 Springs in the Desert Is 41 R65 Mandrake Oil (love apples) R40 Scented Bridal Garments…

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Free worship dance evening- July 28th 2014

July 20, 2014

28 July 2014 – Worship Into the Holiest Place   Maandag aand 28 Julie     Worship Into the Holiest Place Waar?  in Logos tent gebou om 19h00 tot  21h30 Free worship dance aand met Johan Barnard (worship sanger met eie komposisies) Bring eie vloer kombers en kussingtjie. Clothes?  White and/or gold Where? Logos church tent building Date?  Monday evening 19h00-21h30   on July 28th Cost? Donation if you would like to, for the lead singer Bring along?  Own small floor cushion and blanket, dancing flags/cloths/props RSVP? Yes please Dear Worshiper Since 2008 when the Lord spoke so clearly on 12 August,…

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Daniol Fasting book; testimony by Zydia

June 25, 2014

Briefie aan Christo Nel, Suret Morkel en die Touching Hearts leierskap. Liewe Christo, Eerstens wil ek net graag vir jou en Hetta ‘n groot dankie sê vir die saad wat julle ook in my lewe gesaai het. Deur Suret Morkel se bediening het ek haar boekie ‘Daniel Fasting’ gelees.  Dit was net op die regte tyd deur ons Vader oor my pad gebring.  Terwyl ek die 40 dae vas gedoen het, het ek ook daagliks die 40 dae se gebede gebid saam met die teksgedeelte.  Ek wou vir jou dankie sê daarvoor, want ek het in my hart ervaar dit…

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Invitation to Passover Seder and Prophetic event.

March 25, 2014

Invitation to Passover Seder and Prophetic event April 14th (14th Nissan) 2014/5774 PASSOVER SEDER in collaboration with PASTOR KUM PUI INTERCESSORS FROM SINGAPORE AND LAPIDIM PROPHETIC DANCERS. WHERE:Logos Christian Church, Hebron Rd, Bellville East. WHEN: Monday, 14 April, 2014 at 6,45 for 7pm. STYLE: Seated at tables. Bring a bring-and-share finger supper. (a little extra for a Singapore guest at each table). Please bring your own plate, cutlery, own drinks and a glass! Passover elements will be supplied. RSVP. essential because of limited space. Tel 021 5592958 between 8am and 12 pm or e-mail; by Friday 11 April, latest. Bookings…

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Ministry morning for Esther and Benjamin

March 1, 2014

Bridal Morning: Esther and the Firstfruits Bride Book now for coming Saturday! March 8th Esther and Benjamin morning of spoil  9h00 to 12h30 Cost:R20 plus Anointing oils & Esther skin care range products (used during the ministry) to buy afterwards … Bring your own large ground cushion! Esther had 12 months of Beauty Treatments before she met her King. Benjamin received more spoil than his brothers (bring the man in your life!) Both went to palaces …  into a governmental area God is rising up His bride into govermental  and ruler positions… we just need to reposition ourselves …for favour! 2014…

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Tour to Turkey, Patmos and Israel 2014

January 23, 2014

Newsletter Jan 18th 2014; Whats coming up for this year? contact us at Beste reisgenoot, / Dear Tour friends Toer u saam? 10 nagte, 11 dae (Turkeye, Patmos en Israel)/ Coming with us to Turkey? 10 nights, 11 days Turkeye: 5 nagte (ingesluit dag toer na Patmos – waar Johannes die boek Openbaring geskryf het) en dan dek die toer al 7 kerke van Openbaring 2 en 3. Turkey; 5 nights (incl. day tour to Patmos, where John wrote the book of Revelation) and then all seven churches of Rev. 2 and 3  included in our tour plan. Dag…

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eerste granaat in ons tuin crop 250 pix

More Word for 2014 (5774)

December 7, 2013

I hear the Lord says;     2014 (5774)  If you come to a place of turmoil Know that I will bring you into a rest. You have made many a preparation for many years. It is all coming into completion.     You have done it all; Prayer warrior, travailing bride, in waiting upon Me Sacrificing where others indulge… Rise like an eagle now Spreading your wings and learn to float For many a difficult time is coming upon the face of the earth.   It needs to come Before the great and coming of My day In 5774…

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