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Panicky about the swine flue?

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Where did this originate, except from knowing that it comes from Mexico?

Swine flu is a disease in pigs and the origin of the disease is not yet known fully.

Pigs get this influenza regularly. Humans can only get this through close contact with pigs, but now it has mutated (as all viruses can do this), and can be transmitted through humans.

Olive – immune (see immunity sheet on our website

Use up to 3 caps 4 times per day for a few days, and then scale down gradually.

Children get half this dosage. Dispose dirty tissues. Wash hands frequently and no kissing!

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Why and how is swine flu affecting humans now? The virus has mutated and is now transmitted between humans, with subsequent infections, occurring through high body temperature (38 °C and over), tiredness, lack of appetite, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and coughing.

Drink lots of Filtered drinking water and fresh juice extracts – See booklet “Forty Days on Raw Food” for different kinds of wonderful fresh juice extracts. Enzyme therapy works effectively against many a health condition, and fresh raw food is full of enzymes and nutrients

Fresh juice extracts – enzyme therapy!

Eat healthy raw foods

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*Cough and sneeze away from other people!

Fresh 100% pomegranate

juice available-frozen

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(medical scientist/microbiologist

Natural health practice / Inner Fruits)

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This product – Provive C – was developed and researched since 1995 here at Inner Fruits – and manufactured under license and only via doctors prescription.

Need a doctor for a flu? Your choice, as with any flu, you may end up with antibiotics! This causes yeast/parasitic infestion again. Contact us for the product – Provive C injetable.

Use 3 (3000mg) vitamin C 5 times per day against the virus. A pH 7 product!

If you want to follow a holistic health program, we can give you lots of information, potent supplements and high dosage oral as well as intravenous vitamin C.

Intravenous vitamin C – a natural solution against all virusus. Phone or email us

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