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Jubilee Sandalwood Anointing oil and Perfume for men and women

A year of Jubilee

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Last week the Lord led me to compound an anointing oil, called Jubilee, and perfumes (Jubilee Sandalwood; one for the women and another for the men-pour homme). The main essential oil in Jubilee is “Sandalwood.”

I searched and trusted that Sandalwood is mentioned in the Word for the fragrance of the season is in sandalwood. 2016 is the year of Jubilee, and this season already started with Day of Atonement (2015) and will commence up to this year (Trumpets to Atonement).

My Lord is awesome – for sandalwood is mentioned in the Bible….

Sandalwood or Almug wood was used in ancient times to make the temple (steps) furniture and stringed instruments of the temple such as the harps.

1 Kings 10:12

And the King made steps (some translations called this supports or cabinetry or temple furniture) of the almug wood (sandalwood) for the house of the Lord and for the Kings house; also harps and stringed instruments for singers. There never again came such almug (sandalwood) wood, nor has the like been seen to this day.

This weekend it was the true Passover; The Fragrance of the Brazen Altar is in old oak, a woody, deep & ancient fragrance mixed with scents of copper, bronze, the Blood of Yeshua and mustard.

The base note oils in Jubilee Sandalwood are deep, smokey, woody, and ancient like that of burnt moss – connecting Leviticus 25 and 1 Kings 10 with Isaiah 6 (Sandalwood, Terebinth & Oak). It is in the fragrance of the temple furniture and in the frequencies and sound of harps mixed with the frequencies of Ancient oils (Costus) and the frequencies of the colours of red and honey/mustard bringing forth freedom from bondage & slavery. It is the fragrance of slaves being set free after many moons (7 seasons of 7 years).

It happens during our worship…during a deeper love and deeper prayer life – intimacy with our Heavenly Bridegroom.

It there anything that keeps me still in bondage and slavery? Yeshua said, “That one could not come out unless you pray and fast.” During this present Feast of Unleavened bread that is not a bad idea.

With Jubilee Sandalwood the Lord drew a fine line for me between us standing in atonement before His throne on behalf of others (Ten days of Awe and Atonement – Sept /Oct) and repentance from our own sin at the Brazen Altar (Passover) & the coming wave of Revival!

The Trumpet Calls – He is still calling on us to take His promises for Jubilee.

Did you get the sound?

With Jubilee my Lord has mixed ancient frequencies of the sjofar, harps, stringed instruments, Incense altar (Exodus 30) oils, mixtures of blood and bronze – to call us into deeper worship. It is when deep calls unto deep that true intercession breaks through and can prophecy set me free and set His people free from our different types of bondage and slavery!

It is the year for Anointing of Kings to take up their governmental position next to Father at the throne – and decree, “It will be so!”

I am in awe of My Lord. He is the recipe giver. He is Yeshua Messiah, the Anointed One – I love you my Lord and Bridegroom!

Jubilee Sandalwood perfume (for men and women) & Jubilee anointing oil available from us -give lead time of 2 weeks for compounding!)

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