Last chance to enrol for coming Sat. 8 Sept – Perfume course

Perfume Compounding Course- Sat. Sept. 8th – last of this year

Please enrol before Wed. 5th Sept –

reserve your space – limited!
Exquisite perfume to buy here – come for your own fragrance journey
(Mo – Fri at 9 o clock – in the springtime Tabernacle Garden – now embroidered with SonSeeker indigenous plants)


What is this in my blood? 

Revealing – Fantastic to work from here regarding; This blood picture shows us if you need to detox, it shows parasties/yeast fermentation, Methylcobalamine/B12 deficiency, it shows your diet – what you ate for breakfast…. and more. Book your healh evaluation with Suret Morkel – at Inner Fruits now  Dark Field Microscopy – a picture of your live blood.










– One client showed synascite – parasite in her live blood sample – cats and dogs can bring them, and suboptimal diet and pH in the intestines/blood make them proliferate (see picture below).

– 7 out of 8 people who see us show this rings/strings of beads/red blood cell coagulation  – it is corrected within a few weeks… diet, pH restoring, supplement and more.

– This picture shows healthy blood – but a few lemons (tendency for protein linkage…)

– Another client is 31 years old – and showed a lot of thrombocyte aggregation in her blood – I asked here why as she is so young. Her words: I already had thrombosis at the age of 26…

– A diabetic client showed a horrendous pancreas crystal in her blood – and needs medical tests.

Contact us between 9 and 12 for your health evaluation – awesome!