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Methylcobalamine injectable for Tremors

Testimony by Margaret Valentine for Methylcobalamine Injectable

Started getting Methylcobalamine injections in May 2018

Dosage is 2250mcg B12 methylated per injection – per drop

Since I can remember I experienced tremors due to a genetic condition.

This started in primary school – during my first exam.

This was never due to stress, but a conditioned pointed out to me – but with now cause.

There tremors were all over my body and hands – to the point that I struggle to hold a cup / a pen / carry a coffee mug etc. It was impossible to carry a tray – now I still need help, but much easier now.

After the 3rd injection I started noticing that I could carry a coffee mug, and my handwriting is readable now.  I will continue using this injection once per week or more.



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