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Perfume Compounding is fun

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 If you cannot attend the course  we supply a “Start-up” kit for you!

The fragrance you create should be “balanced” and harmonize like music, coming in base notes, mid notes and top notes

Whether it’s soft and subtle or exotic and romantic, you can easily make any fragrance you desire – today you will compound your own signature (DNA) fragrance into a perfume, a cream and an anointing oil!

Become part of the Effervescent, Intoxicated Bubbly Bride in her second season of beauty treatments (Esther 2:12) with perfumes.

Date: Request next date from us

Time: 8h45-12h30

Cost: Contact Suret – this is a costly trade! Contact us for the cost

Make your own signature perfume (30ml), hand /body cream (50ml) and oil (5ml) for anointing. Prepare lovely fragrant gifts for loved ones (perfumes, oils and more) after this morning! This is going to be such fun!

A most interesting trade – the Art of the Perfumer.

 Here at Inner Fruits only pure essential oils are used. In the world, artificial oils are used in the perfume business. This is an intoxicating, bubbly, fragrant hobby and trade – and here it is also a costly ministry also, where Esther had 12 months of beauty treatments:

 …6 months with oils of myrrh and 6 months with perfumes – just before she met her King and Bridegroom. Pure essential oils have the additional benefit of healing in the emotional centre of our brain (limbic brain) with result physical healing …. learn more). A morning of teachings, fragrances, discovering your own signature! .. the signature that fits your DNA like an ‘epigene’ and may ‘perhaps’ induce emotional and physical healing…as a bonus.


Dearest Suret

Thank you for the most exquisite morning!  Song of Songs 1:3 rang true: “Because of the fragrance of your good ointments, your name is like ointment poured forth; therefore, the Maidens love you!”. What a complete privilege and blessing to learn from you! I loved every second! Blessings and favour


Dear Suret

 I am still in awe after last Thursday s perfume course. It was overwhelming. All the fragrances of your already compounded perfume range, the teachings, wisdom which you shared – I feel like a true Bride preciously spoiled. A new world opened for me. I drive home and I think back and forth about all the truths regarding the Song of Songs words – meanings-powerful!. It feels now as if I need to , all the time, just surround myself with all the fragrances of the pomegranate, hyssop, myrrh, frankincense, grape and wheat oils (22 in total) which we smelled during the morning. And also the prophetic perfumes and oils already compounded there with you.  Thank you it was so amazing Suret – and that you share your passion and love with others. Foundations Magazine Welma Du Preez

For me (Suret Morkel) the most revitalizing experience. Seven Years of perfume and anointing oil compounding – sometimes a Trial and an Error and now the Art of the Perfumer (Exodus 30) is coming into completion, with regular courses.

…6 months with oils of myrrh and 6 months with perfumes – just before Esther (Esther 2:12) met her King and Bridegroom. Pure essential oils have the additional benefit of healing in the emotional centre of our brain (limbic brain) with result physical healing …. eight people came last week to learn more. It was a morning of teachings, fragrances, discovering their own signature, lots of laughter and Voila! Each found their DNA fragrance and compounded their own 30ml Perfume (plus a 50ml cream and an Anointing oil).

We are setting a scene for story telling

Perfume Making Courses

Are you a nose?

I have found my niche and this is the most exciting trade. I will give you many of my trade secrets …(7 years of trial and error).

“When you smell a fragrance, the top notes come forth like bubbles, ready to burst at different moments.”

Top notes make your perfume alive – it is the lightest and first notes you smell in a perfume. They are effervescent, show-off’s and then disappear after half an hour. One famous ‘nose’ (perfume maker) said; It is like writing a story. The top notes set the scene.  They draw you into the story but aren’t meant to last very long. Then the main character (heart or mid notes) shows up.

As with the world’s famous perfume makes, we, here at Inner Fruits also develop the concept for the fragrance’s story. After this is written, I go through your choice of formulae with you, with a few hints here and there. The result, after 2-3 weeks is truly an experience and the final chapter in your book —not just a combination of top, middle, and base notes thrown together. With our last perfume course in April, I kept a tiny sample of each person’s perfume – and all became out quite an experience!

On coming for your course we work through the different ‘leaves’ of a flower:

citrus – top and mid

herbaceous – more mid

spicy- from base to top they give a longer impression-richer

flowery – mid notes and top –

amber/woody – for our base notes

Depending on how quickly you want to reach the story’s apex… Floral scents are reserved for middle notes, and base notes keep the fragrance longer… Getting through a top note may take less than five minutes, but they’re there for a reason…experience top notes as well smelling a wine;

Become part of the Effervescent Intoxicated Bubbly bride where we will also go through the Song of Songs perfumes compounded here.

The evolution of the fragrance on your skin is quite different to mine!

Top notes are somewhat romantic, coming and disappearing – re- emerging and bubbling forth- you cannot really see it, but makes your perfume alive.

  Inner Fruits latest contribution to the ‘already 30 perfumes’ here in our Gift House is named Violet Lily Yas – made from the violet plant – exquisite, one of its own! Contact us for orders – contact us for your personal garden walk here with the fragrant basket of oils and perfumes compounded here..   ]]>