More Word for 2014 (5774)

I hear the Lord says;



2014 (5774) 

If you come to a place of turmoil

Know that I will bring you into a rest.

You have made many a preparation

for many years.

It is all coming into completion.



You have done it all;

Prayer warrior, travailing bride, in waiting upon Me

Sacrificing where others indulge…

Rise like an eagle now

Spreading your wings and learn to float

For many a difficult time

is coming upon the face of the earth.


It needs to come

Before the great and coming of My day

In 5774

You will understand and see more


Anoint with oils.

That I may open your eyes to see more

Miracles have been prophesied

And now it is here.


Do not give the microphone to the one next to you

Take up your authority!

 And Speak!


You are part of My great end-times move

But the most important task

Is your family members who cannot stay behind.

Prophecy training starts at home!


Not only If your own knees feel feeble

you will prophesy into that

but more so into the dead 

for that will not overwhelm you.


My Word will be the principals by which you move

As you refresh others, you will be refreshed.

You have been faithful

You have mounted the white horse


The Word is on your tongue

Yet – get more of My Word,

For it will not be the weapon only

It will be a means to be filled.


Prepare yourselves for a time

When there will be a scarcity of the copies.

Know the beginning from the end

And the end from the beginning.


Your abundance is like honey

Your abundance is in the nations

If bitter, eat and eat again and again

For I will strengthen you

in supernatural ways

to parttake in the greatest harvest

ever …


I am making known more

Of who I am

I am making known more

Of the prophesies of end-times.

Take your pen and start writing

For as you step into these waters

It will open and you will walk on dry ground.


Ps 68 says, great a host is she who writes.

My favour is upon her.


My bride

Who was not seen before

She will still move in silence

But with a great company of My hosts

That she will know

I am the great I am.


Hear My voice in the stillness

My first fruits bride

I will not test you to the end

For I favour you and I want you here

I want to present you to My Father

Here are many rooms

And I prepare one for you.


No more playing

No more compromise

Lift yourselves up and

speak life into feeble knees

Your people need to come in!


The time for overcoming is now!

Your time of rest is sooner than soon.

As you move in faith

As it is with Me that you dine


My camels of 2013 (3 for Gamal or Gimel or Camel)

are still coming in

And what you believe will overcome you.

You have been tested that you may know

The silver and gold is Mine.


Watch the pomegranate as it buds

And become fruitful

It wears at its top a little crown

And that is for you

Who prepare your wedding gown

With gifts wrapped in love.

With lips seeking My kisses

With eyes – that of a dove.

Suret Morkel