News from the Alabaster jar of oils

News from the Alabaster Jar of oils

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Latest release March 2015

Book: When the Word became Fragrant (book + 15 oils in wooden box)


word fragrant 15 oilsWord Fragrant Cover




Released March 2015:  LoveSong perfume range


In 10ml plastic spray vials, 30 ml square glass vials and 35ml cylindrical glass vials.



3 parfums large


Perfumes compounded according to the art of the perfumer (Exodus 30). All the fragrances of Chapters 1-8 in LoveSong 1-8

8 Perfumes – organic, no allergens, pure essential oils and no essential fragrances used!


LoveSong 3; Lion Hearted Warrior (unisex perfume)  (30 ml square glass bottle)

Song of Songs 3: Who is coming from the wilderness? Perfume in myrr, frankincense … and in the smog of His presence.


LoveSong 3 350 pix



LoveSong 7; Midnight Pomegranate and Rose perfume (10ml, 30ml square shaped glass bottles & 35ml cylindrical glass )

In Songs 7 the Beloved is described and in Matthew 25 the bride who bought sufficient oil is described. The Holy Spirit compounded all these lovely scriptures into anointing perfumes.

Rose, with highest vibrational frequency of all oils, is compounded together with pomegranate and the Songs 7 fragrances. Rose, in all the ages, was the token of love from husband to wife; from a man to a woman. pomegranates symbolise our priestly & bridal walk with bells and pomegranates (2 Cor 12, 13, 14) at the hems or our garments…



LoveSong 7 350 pix350 pixdaniel suret rose anointweb 1350 pix granate breek oop aan boom



LoveSong 6; Sweet flag warrior dancer perfume (30 ml square or 35ml cylindrical shaped glass bottles )

Sweet flag is the meaning of Calamus in the Strongs dictionary.

Mahanaim in Songs 6 is about the dance of the two camps – from dancing unto Jesus to dancing with Him.

From flesh to spirit – the warrior dancer moves.


 LoveSong 6 350 pix



Set of 8 LoveSong perfumes in box:R650


set 8 perfumes LoveSong


 A fragrance for each day of the week; no more boring fragrances, and besides – your nose cannot adapt to the aroma if we change the smell every day.


 See under ‘List of oils & Perfumes” costs between R80 and R285 (10ml – 35ml)


 Latest release 2014


Book: The Voice of the Seven Fold Spirit

The First Fruits (Barley) Bride

There is a fine progression from God’s harvests, God’s feasts, The Seven Gold Lamp stands, The Seven Spirits of God and Seven Anointings by His Seven Fold Spirit.



Bells and Pomegranates

In our prayer garden, there outside of the irrigation spots, 2 of my 14 pomegranate trees now bear fruit after 3 years. They grow in a very dry area … and bride of Christ, may be you understand now what is happening with you …

onread more in PDF file on our website Then click on Health Matters, then on Voice of the One and search for the Pomegranate article.


The Blood Anointing oil

I recently spent some time in atonement, for my own sin and on behalf of others.

After the almost two hours of repentance on behalf of all the different members in my family and on behalf of the people in their bloodlines it felt as if a Veil lifted from my soul, flesh and spirit.

The same day the Lord said to me that this anointing oil needs to be compounded and used at the place of repentance (Altar of our living temple), and also at the Torn Veil area of our bridal walk with Jesus. All seven of the 100% pure essential oils in this product remind me of the Blood of Jesus; they are all reddish or red-brown in colour.



Ancient formula of Micvah baths now for your kitchen

… Have you noticed how quickly your kitchen cloths get that nasty slippery feel. That microbe is called Pseudomonas.

Ancient formula for the Micvah baths in Floor and Dish wash.



Word for 2015



Word for 2014


My Word will be the principals by which you move As you refresh others, you will be refreshed. You have been faithful You have mounted the white horse …The Word is on and under your tongue… Yet – get more of My honey Word, …  request the rest by email (

The King’s oil

Gifts were brought to Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus. Wise men from the east walked for probably two years, to find the King, whom they had to bring gifts at His birth. They were Gold, Silver and Frankincense.

As I compounded this Anointing oil for a group of ministers and people in the Paarl, the Lord took me to Songs 3.

Drop by drop I was led to add more oils into the “King’s oil.” In Isaiah 50 we read about Myrrh and frankincense, as a prophecy about gifts for the coming King, and again when Jesus was born (Math. 2:11).

Solomon also wrote of myrrh and frankincense…

The bride went through a time of testing (a wilderness); as with Noah, who was in a secluded area for 40 days, and Israel (40 years in a desert), and as with Jesus (40 days in a wilderness) and tempted, we also may feel that we have gone through a period of ‘desert.’


From the Secret place


Harpadzo (Raptured into His Presence)


We went to Mosselbay for an anointing day.

As I prayed the Lord showed me a vortex above the city and the Word , “Rapture” …



News: Songs: My Beloved is tall and dark;



His breath is deep and handsome… as I mixed the fragrances in the vial … drop by drop according to the Art of the Apothecary “Breath of the Bridegroom “ came forth…

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Exciting skin care washes and creams from the book Songs;


Containing Spikenard, herb, spice

And Lily of the Valley & pomegranate essential oils

Together with pure essential oils applicable in the scripture in Songs and the prophetic value for you as bride…

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