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Problem of the Right Mix – Medicines, Food and Side-effects

The Tygerburger, Wednesday 16 November 2005

Ever wondered why the medicine does not make any difference to your health?

Dr Jan van Elfen wrote years ago in “Die Burger” about the effects of certain foods taken with certain medicine. Tetra cyclines antibiotics (with the exception of doxicycline), for example, may not be taken with milk products, or vegetables with high iron content (broccoli). The calcium, iron and magnesium in these products bind to the antibiotic and prevent absorption.

Fruit juice and acidic substances make erithromycin and penicillin antibiotics less effective. Lincomycin cause diarrhea and stomach cramps if taken on a full stomach.

Anti-coagulant medicine, such as warfarin, is used by thousands of people to prevent blood clotting and a risk of heart attack, stroke or lung embolus. Dosages must be checked at regular intervals, to prevent spontaneous bleeding. These medicines may never be taken with citrus, egg white, fish, fish oil, chips, or vegetable oils.

Aspirin against pain and fever is a danger for a child who may have underlying chicken pox. Result may be permanent liver damage – called Reye syndrome. Disprin / asprin may cause kidney disease and the person may need dialyses for the rest of his life. Absorption time of paracetamol is slowed down then taken with carbo hydrates, dates, jelly and sugar –and taking more pills may result in overdose and kidney failure.

Foods such as cabbage, brussel’s sprouts, carrots, white carrots, peaches and pears may reduce or even nullify the effect of thyroid medicine.

Absorption of iron salts, given against anaemia, is slowed down when taken with eggs, milk products and wheat. Levodopa, given against Parkinsson’s disease, should not be taken with avocados, beaf liver, pork, tuna, oats, yeast products, vitamin B6 and wheat germ.

Van Elfen continues that the effect of heart medication is increased when taken with milk products and foods rich in calcium (broccoli etc). This may lead to irregular heartbeat. Certain chemicals, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, cheese, herring, yoghurt and pineapple may cause very bad side effects when taken with certain antidepressants. Our world has become dangerous without knowledge and in fact we need these foods to keep us healthy!

What about trying a natural option first and let thy food be thy medicine!

Suret Morkel

Books: A-Z of Diseases

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