Weekend Retreat Testimonies

Weekend Retreat Testimonies

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Ilse Kotze – Stellenbosch:

This was a weekend of rest. God gave me a joy for life again.

Michelle – Cape Town:

I had a lovely weekend in the ‘Heaven and Earth” valley, Hermanus (South Africa – Western Cape) with the Inner Fruits team. I learnt all about raw vegetables and raw food – and you do not need to feel like a little lamb. It truly was surprisingly delicious to drink vegetable juices. Do yourselves a favor and look into their website. God gave us the loveliest food on earth – to enjoy – and yet we stuff ourselves with bread. Like my mum used to say, “Bread makes big.”  I made a new commitment to live more healthily, and really – believe me – we are what we eat!  The highlight of the weekend was the healthy raw chocolate slab (sugar free) that we made. And while I danced with the Lord, the banner looked like a new paint brush to me, so I am going to paint again.


Rinette – Windhoek:

For 7 years I asked the Lord to give me a piece of heaven on earth. I asked for a place where there are trees, water, green grass – and God has humor, for He sent me far to the south to a place named “Heaven and Earth Valley”. Something was born in me this weekend. I had a close encounter with God. This morning God placed His big hands into mine, and it formed a diamond and said, our love is as strong as a diamond – nothing will come between us. I even saw the hair on my Father’s arms, as He put His arms around my waist. It saw one of the foundation stones of Jerusalem between our hands – and it formed the city of Jerusalem. Suret gave a word yesterday about the stone of Naphtali (Rev 21) – that is the diamond. God said I must have a diamond ring made for me and always wear it to celebrate this weekend encounter with Him. (Word God gave Suret a week before the retreat:” Overcomers – Rev 3:5 – I will confirm your name – Naphtali- before My Father and the angels. Brilliant clear is your stone – a diamond (Rev 21), formed under severe pressure, reflecting Father’s light, openness and clarity.”).


Petrine Shiimi – Namibia:
I feel now like a bird who was flying inside a cage, and is now flying free in Him. Through my baptism yesterday I found an inner healing. There was music in the throne room of babies laughing in heaven. When the babies laughed I felt a new wave of healing over me, for 2 brothers died, and 2 of my own children died. I am a priest now, to serve out of love and not out of obedience and commitment only.


Annemarie Hardingmail:
I came wit no expectation, just to soak in the Lord. Thank you. I saw how the angels worship with us in the Holy of Holies, and they blew little rings of the smoke of the incense (our worship) towards one another. I saw so many visions of people here, and the Lord served me with prophetic word. Last night, as we started to sing in tongues at the Veil area, all of a sudden I realized that God healed me supernaturally, for I could not sing for very long, after an operation (cancer) in my throat area. I got My voice back.


Joan Cilliers – Prophetic ministry:
I see something coming out of the birth canal, and it is coming out with an explosion. Isaiah 10:27, “It shall come to pass in that day, that this burden will be taken away from your shoulder. And his yoke from your neck. And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.”


Rea Uys:
A ministry of excellence. The whole world must know about this.


On the Saturday evening I saw the Lord sitting on the throne, and the seam of His mantle was hanging down towards the floor of our hall. Jesus stretched His hands, and spoke a blessing over all the people in the hall. My tears just flow every time I think back about this experience with the Lord. It bubbles like fresh water from me.

I hear your heart, that you are also trusting the Lord for a farm – I too have this vision. I pray for you. You are living out this vision with a passion. So wonderful! I pray that the Lord will open the flood gates of heaven with financial blessings, joy and love for you two and this ministry. Suret, I will never forget your dancing. You taught me to dance with Jesus in my prayer closet. Thank you for the email after the camp. The nicest of this weekend is the presence of the Lord, and praising Him all the time. It was so amazing. The Lord touched me in such a way that I can now put on the music and then I start to dance and worship Him. I never knew before that I could enjoy myself so much with the Lord.


Is jy moeg? Kom rus en beleef die Here se rus en waarhede. Kom stap deur die Tabernakel en ervaar hoe die Here jou bedien. Kom drink die heerlikste sappe en beleef hoe Daniel moes ge-eet het. Jy voel hoe jy skoongemaak word – siel, liggaam en gees. Wat ‘n ongelooflike heerlike rusnaweek met bediening direk vanuit die Holy of Holies. Dit was vir my ongelooflik hoe die Heilige Gees, maar ook die mense wat die kamp bygewoon het, mekaar bedien het. Die waarhede wat deur die teachings kom is so ‘mind-blowing’ dat ‘n mens soms wonder en geskok is oor hoe on-ingelig ons regtig is!


Dankie vir al die lekker kos en drinkgoed, ek het dit geniet. Die kamp was vir my ‘n bevestiging dat Vader God wil he ons moet ons liggame versorg soos ons Gees en siel versorg word. Die kamp was vir my genesing gees,siel en liggaam. Seen want ek glo die liggaam van CHRISTUS het dit nodig!


Something new is being birthed…go ahead, bind the broken hearted, heal, so that eyes can see, ears can hear, and people will know that the acceptable year of the Lord is here, for He gives beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning. You are in a travailing position to birth something new. This ministry has started now, start pushing hard.

I can now go back into missions with the medicinal teas of Inner Fruits. People in Africa are so weak, that when someone dear to them die, they can immediately get an attack of malaria, due to the slumbering worm. Thanks for Micro-sweep, a natural combination of herbs against this parasite.


I got Lupus a few years ago. I left my husband a few months ago. During this weekend camp the Lord reminded me of a dream I had a few weeks ago, ” You are one soul, body and spirit. You need to heal in your whole body, and then you can go back to your husband. “

A week after this weekend camp I booked in for a 5-Day Fasting Retreat (see testimony on the Five-Day Retreat section). God released me to go home. My husband says to everybody, “I got a brand new wife.”


The Word of Ezekiel 37 made a huge impact on me. God wants to blow new life into each one of us. When we drink the wine during communion, His blood is immediately in our veins, and as we eat the bread, it is His flesh that heals us immediately. We need to call Ezekiel 37 everywhere, “Dead bones come alive”. God is calling His intercessors (watchmen), to the walls of Jerusalem – we here in South Africa need to know that for now, South Africa is our Jerusalem.


Suret started with the garden years ago. She so much wanted me to understand the Tabernacle of our living body. This weekend was like a concert, with no rehearsals. Fantastic! We need to be cleansed in order to move into the Holy of Holies.

Thank you very much for a lovely time with the Lord. I got to love you so much, it is as if we have known one another since the beginning of times, and have only now met. Thank you for the deposit in my life. I was so desperate to continue the life style that I lost 7 kg in one week, by merely not eating meat and drinking coke.

Previously we used to live on meat, rice and potatoes, with lots of coke. My meat craving is now drowned by eating lots of vegetables. I know the Lord is busy healing me now from diabetes and osteo arthritis. The inner healing I received at the weekend camp is awesome. I know the Lord is doing a great and deep work. Amen.