Seminar Introducing Dark Field Microscopy – for Live Blood Analysis

Good soil and good pH regulated water in our pools – make our gardens and our pools flourish.

What makes my body flourish?

Our body is like the soil in the garden and I am the gardener contracted by God! Do we realize that what we put in – we may harvest? Health or Disease? Choose Life.

Deut. 12:23/Lev. 17:15 says Life is in the Blood

An introduction to finding health and keeping your health

Wed. July 25th or Wed. Aug. 1st.

In Dark Field Microscopy we view Live Blood for better understanding of the terrain(blood, area between blood and cells and lymph) and how we can follow a viable health plan.

Topic discussion is about:

  • What is Conventional Light /White or Bright Field Microscopy?
  • What is Dark Field Microscopy


Dark Field Live Blood evaluation complements what I, as a microbiologist, investigated for the past 35 years; The Cherry on a 35 Year-Cake (or no cake?) -Journey!

Come and Listen – see your own blood picture…

Take an introductory walk to your health trip with us …

Wed. July 25th (9h00-11h00) or Wed. Aug. 1st. (9h00-11h00)