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Are you smelly?

There is natural help against those smells

  1. Lemon as a natural deodorant and lemon perfume now available from us
  2. Liquorice root (Glycyrrhizin) in  healing and against odours
  3. Fennel – oils, food – more on fennel against disease!
  4. Time to detox again – the intestines can harbour smelly microbes which contribute to smelly breath

fresh lemon picture


Lemon – as a natural deodorant


Never in my life I thought this would be possible. That a fruit can be a better deodorant than those bought at the stores.

Bring your thumb and first finger together, and slice this size off the lemon and store the rest in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. This little piece, skin and all, is used to rub under the armpits, in the back of your neck area and on the body where you do not want to get smells (be careful if you shave as this may cause the skin to rapture and then lemon on the skin is painful).

I saw this on a television programme last year, and since October I have, myself, been using this natural deodorant with great success.

Lemon – a fresh organic perfume

fresh lemon popm cinnamon orchid parfum

A friend told me that she would like to receive a perfume made with lemon and cinnamon oils.

The art of the Perfumer is a most satisfying asset now to the work here at Inner Fruits, and the perfume is such a hit that I would like to say, it really is the fragrance of the hottest season every – here in Cape Town.

5ml, 10ml and 30ml perfume vials are available to make you feel fresh. Perfumes take 3 weeks to cure, so do order and allow for time as we are often out of stock here – a hit!


Liquorice root (Glycyrrhizin) – against many ailments, especially the liver!

licorice root

Liquorice is a plant whose root and rhizome yields an essential oil used for medicinal and flavouring purposes. Its distinct flavour, similar to that of fennel, comes from a natural molecule exclusive to liquorice called glycyrrhizin. Liquorice root is used to treat ailments including sore throat, bronchitis, stomach ulcers and viral infections.


It has many properties for healing, a natural way.

“Glycyrrhizin” — has been repeatedly and scientifically shown to block nearly all liver damage from both alcohol consumption and over-the-counter Tylenol pills (acetaminophen – pain reduction and fever reliever).

Stomach Disorders:  The glycyrrhizic acid present in liquorice can provide protection against the growth of Helicobacter pylori bacteria and can also exert therapeutic effects in curing the symptoms of dyspepsia or impaired digestion. This is the most powerful anti-bad breath, and a natural and effective option for smells!

Many studies show it protects the liver (up to 93 %) from the cellular damage caused by alcohol and Tylenol. It also has potent anti-viral, anti-tumor (liver) and anti-inflammation effects. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiviral triterpene.

It is used clinically in China for protection of liver function and treatment of tumors. In Chinese medicine it is called the “Peacemaker herb”.

Glycyrrhizin had a protective effect on immunosuppression, a strong non-specific anti-inflammatory effect, and an effect of reducing the incidence of sodium and water retention. These results suggest that glycyrrhizin alleviates CCl4-induced liver injury, and this protection is likely due to the induction of heme-oxygenase-1 and the downregulation of pro-inflammatory mediators and may represent a potent drug protecting liver injury. Liquorice also has cardio protective activities. It has been used for more than 20 years in the treatment and prevention of hepatitis, chronic bronchitis, gastritis, tumour growth and immunological disorders. Fennel oils, fennel bulbs for food and fennel against disease

20160208 1055381fennel herb lg

Dried fennel seeds have both medicinal and culinary uses. Fennel can be eaten raw or cooked. Fennel essential oils is another option for usage.

Fennel is a wonderful option to use against dark breath and digestive stress besides liquorice root. These natural options for bad breath as a healing property of the intestinal region included in its effectiveness against the breath. You may have been given lots of advice to go to your dentist for bad breath, but take it from us here; the biggest problem lies a bit lower down. You may even need to detox and cleanse the intestinal region twice a year, as we have recommended here at Inner Fruits since 1996.

The health benefits of fennel include relief from anaemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhoea, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders, and its benefits regarding eye care (such as macular degeneration).

Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare Miller) or its essential oil is widely used around the world in mouth fresheners, toothpastes, deserts, antacids and even in some culinary applications.

Listed below are medicinal uses and health benefits, mainly due to the components of its essential oils.

Anaemia: Iron is a chief constituent of haemoglobin and histidine, an amino acid found in fennel, stimulates production of haemoglobin.

Indigestion: Indian people customary chew fennel seeds after meals for digestion and elimination of bad breath.

It also helps reduce inflammation of the stomach and intestines, is a natural anti-acid and facilitates proper absorption of nutrients from the food and aids against constipation.

Constipation: Use powdered fennel seeds as a natural laxative, and helps with irritable diarrhoea (IBS) and intestinal issues.

Flatulence: Fennel works as a natural anti-flatulent for infants and elderly.

Heart Disease: The Fibre components of fennel aids with digestion and subsequent maintenance of healthy cholesterol, heart health, arthero sclerosis and stroke.

Cancer: Phenols, alkaloids and flavonoids in fennel seeds aid in the inhibition of cancer growth, as well as radiation treatment against cancer.

Blood Pressure: Fennel is high in potation, which is a vasodilator, relaxing blood vessels, and aid naturally to reduce high blood pressure.

Brain Function: Potassium, found in fennel bulbs and seeds, is a natural electrolyte, which helps with proper electric current connections in the brain, increasing cognitive function. Its vasodilatory properties aid in bringing more oxygen into the brain or optimal function.

Diarrhoea: Some components in fennel (anethole and cineole) have antibacterial properties, thus a natural aid with diarrhoea episodes.

Colic: Anethole, part of the essential oil in fennel, may be helpful with renal colic due to anti spasmodic qualities, relaxing of smooth muscles and thus alleviates discomfort.

Immune System: Fennel contains Vit C for improvement of immunity and protection from harmful free radicals.

Menstrual Disorders: Fennel is also an Emenagogue, thereby regulating hormones involved in pain with the menstruating woman, and other PMS effects. It may even play a role in breast enlargement as they aid in the increasing of new cells and tissues in the breasts.

With menopausal women its usage is also relaxing and cooling regarding hot flushes.

Eye Care: Fennel in your foods may help against inflammation in the eyes, premature ageing of the eyes, and even macular degeneration, due to arginine also in fennel essential oil. Pure essential oils may be inhaled as it oxygenates the brain and may sharpen the memory.

Respiratory Disorders: Anethol and Cineole in Fennel are expectorants and helpful with respiratory disorders. Gargle a drop of fennel in a tablespoon of water every 4 hours when sore throat appears. This will stop the germs from spreading from the throat into the respiratory (lung) and nasal areas.

Other Benefits: Fennel is a natural diuretic, and may help to urinate more frequently for those who need quick disposal of toxins, also with swelling and rheumatism.

Lactating mothers may find that it increases production of breastmilk as well as the let- down reflex.

 Do not use in excess as it may cause difficulty in breathing, palpitations and irregular heartbeat.

If you struggle with your breath, use fennel, chew a piece of the bulb, order the essential oil from us or buy fennel pils.

Time to Detox again: Use Micro-sweep and a live flora product together.


mico sweep new 250 pix

Sort our your digestive system! This is most important also against smelly breath!

Look into the Inner Fruits natural detoxification programme to sort out digestioncandida yeasts, parasites & unwanted putrefaction microbes are removed from the intestine, and these to aid in dark breath. Fill in the health evaluation form here, and start with Micro-sweep, Intestiflora and the detox diet for a proper relief from bad breath and intestinal problems.


Tel 0861 779977 South Africa (for fennel oil).



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