Testimony about detoxification

Detox was not fun in the beginning;

I came to Inner Fruits because of a digestion situation (even unexpected vomiting sometimes)

I was put onto the Micro-sweep and flora detox plan together with the anti yeast detox.

During the first four days I had a bad neck pain, headaches, and shoulders to my back felt sore

At times I felt tired and irritable

But after a week things started to change. I started to feel completely different,

more energetic, clear headed and motivated for life.

Previously there was a constant feeling of discomfort in my stomach – that something was not right the moment I ate something. I even had some vomiting episodes.

Suret mentioned that on raw food people cannot vomit – for the digestive system is soothed and restored completeley within 7-40 days.

Never in my life had a slept so well as just now – on raw food

C. Marrison.


Now, after 40 days I start to introduce other foods again. This is not a life long sentence people! 

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