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Testimony on wound healing -a natural way


Testimony by mr X:

Usage of Inner Fruits detox and healing plan for a wound that could not heal.

I did the 30 day detox using the products Suret suggested, with a diet. I had a few intravenous vitamin C treatments.  I dropped Hydrogen Peroxide in different dilutions into the wound. For 9 months this wound on my leg did not heal. The first treatment made a difference – it felt as if something was happening inside this pussing wound.  Within weeks I realised we have natural resources (used many decades ago by our people) that almost became extinct. Thanks much!

Testimony Mrs S.

I had a very bad wound on my leg. For 3 weeks I just pressed in and dropped the peroxide into the wound, starting with a 10 percent, and gradually more, up to 30 percent. I had a few intravenous vitamin C drips, used the pH 7 powder by Inner Fruits, lots of zinc, Olive – Immune, and voila! It took three weeks, but I went through without antibiotics.


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